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Hi all,

I think this is a great forum. Last week I decided to finally get into Astronomy, and thanks to the posts here, got a 150PL Scope and stand (I think this was the right choice for my budget!) So thanks.

Only thing is, its been cloudy here since it arrived, but I've seen a couple of stars and have been learning the Sky with Stellarium.

Hoping to see objects near Orions belt and Jupiter if I get the

chance soon. Sorry for rambling, just wanted to say hi. ;)

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Welcome to SGL... The clouds will part eventually... In the meantime, it's worthwhile, during the day, taking the opportunity to familiarise yourself with both the mount and the scope and align your finder. It's much easier to do this when you can see properly ;)

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A warm welcome to SGL's Forum PR.

It is good to know the forum helped you to make an informed choice regarding your telescope. It will serve you well, and if there is anything you wish to know, just ask away.

Sorry cloudy skies have spoiled your nights so far, but they will clear eventually, and the stars will be all yours.;)

Best Wishes.


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hi phoenixrising, welcome. the curse of the new scope, hits us all, we buy a new scope we want to see the stars and what happens? it clouds over. the same happened to me when i got my new scope, it rained for days, but well worth the wait.

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