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  1. Selling my SW 200p on a HEQ5 goto really miss that
  2. For the past two years it has been my series landrover project(it's on the road now) love computer games COD types and astonomy which has had to take a back seat this year because of work commitments(stupidly busy) to be put right over christmas. Andy
  3. Last year i got a pair of salopettes from T J Huges £20 excellent purchase coupled with t-shirt fleece pullover and a duckdown 3/4 length padded jacket scarf and the obligatory russian hat. Think layers as these trap air inbetween. Or take up imaging :D Andy
  4. Apart from everything........the double cluster(mesmerising),Saturn(6.30am SW 130pm) and Mars (as it is in the mags albeit just for a second or two) Andy
  5. Very nice would love to try this. I have an 8'' dob do you think it would be possible with it? Cheers Andy
  6. Must admit after following NickH and his findings i am becoming quite fond of these comets:) Excellent image:icon_salut: Andy
  7. Welcome to SGL Brendon You've come to the right for imaging tips, these guys are awsome:headbang: Andy
  8. ash

    Ash damage?

    Sorry now't to do with me:D ASH
  9. Hi John as it has been said just be a little more patient and you will reap the rewards. Hunting for the object is half the funa nd it makes it that much better when you do find it:) Andy
  10. Only just seen this, excellent reading. Congrats to you Nick:icon_salut:, on whatever the out come is, on the time and effort you have put into this and keeping us even smaller people informed. Has there been any further developments? Well done. Andy
  11. I moved sideways (maybe backwards:icon_scratch:) from a 200 on a goto mount to a 200 skyliner dob and the difference was instant. Not only was the image brighter but clearer(the image of mars is equal to my first image of saturn).....so erm a 10'' would be better:D Andy
  12. Have just seen these images (unrelenting work commitments) and they are truly amazing and what makes it even better is that you don't need expensive equipment to see them. Excellent stuff Andy
  13. Congrats on the new purchase soooooo envious:D I swapped my 200 on a Heq5 Goto for a Skyliner 200 dob just before Christmas and to be honest i have enjoyed the dob loads more:) With you on the finder thats why i swapped the 9x50 for a Telrad only used it briefly because of work and weather but can easily see the benefits. Enjoy the simplicity of the dob Andy
  14. Hi Colin Welcome to SGL Don't worry even after 2years i still class myself as a newbie:D Enjoy! Andy
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