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  1. Don't go amd. intel chips cost roughly the same but are generally faster.
  2. That's exactly what I use (with an additional field flattener), go for it, you won't look back.
  3. The ed80 and st80 on a neq6 is a great setup, very forgiving on guiding and a wide field dream! I'd keep the 200P for visual and the odd target that an ed80 is too wide for. Or you could do what I did: ed80, st80, neq6 pro, c9.25, 200P. No money. Want a 16" Dob now!
  4. Caveat Emptor. Buyer beware. I dont see why moderators should have to be dragged in to monitoring for sale boards. Ive always found the for sale section to be lively and interesting, buying and selling alot of my gear through it. The spped at which some stuff sells is astonishing though!
  5. Couldnt resist having a play with the first M45 Ive seen this year:
  6. lol, no worries. Dont forget that when the SCT adapers set up with your camera, that youll still have to turn the focuser (alot), to attain focus. Make sure its a bright star, or pref the moon when youre bringing it to focus the first time. But yeah, it would be nice to use an SLR into a crayford with a reducer on a SCT, but has anyone done it, and how?
  7. I have the same problem, although to a lesser degree. Didnt want to open it up though.
  8. I wasnt aware that anyone really abused the FS section with bumps? Its always seemed quite straight forward, and the odd bump never bothered anyone! But as previous people have said, see how it goes.
  9. or First Light Optics - Skywatcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2
  10. http://stargazerslounge.com/sale/158981-skywatcher-explorer-150p-eq3-2-lots-extras.html - Over budget but worth a look.
  11. I'd push it to a 150 Newt of you can, more flexible later on depending on where you go with it.
  12. Alan: The 55mm SCT adapter will do the trick, thats what Im using now - Scope - Reducer - SCT Adapter - T-ring - Camera. Now if I could just work out how to get the Scope to focus with the Skywatcher Crayford Focuser connected, I could leave it on and not have any more mirror shift when imaging! Cant work it out though.
  13. I would, but I have the skywatcher one. I dont see the point in releasing a crayford fouser that wont focus with an slr, when with other scopes (refractors, newts), you can.
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