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Hi all,

I'm not posting enough on this excellent website - so I thought I'd make an excuse to do so and post some of my images.

I am not great with details but all are with the Mx7c, astro art v2, colour synth plug ins and WO 80mm scope, (maybe a skywatcher ed80 and .63 FR in there too)

I think that I have a really interesting colour on the ring neb, not by design - I was chasing a conventional colour but I am still on my L plates with processing :).

Obviously, these are my best ones :occasion6:, there is plenty of raw data that (I am not happy with) lurking on my hard drive that has yet to see the light of day - maybe in bit!






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Excellent images, even though some are the wrong way up :) thanks for the post. With the lack of dark it's nice to see these things posted. I can look at the Hubble images as well, but its not like I can aspire to those, real life ground based images from kit that doesn't cost more than my house, that's what I like to see.

Captain Chaos

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Excellent images, even though some are the wrong way up :)

How do you know CC? Depends on the time of year for M51

Excellent work Anthony. look forward to some more. Were the colour ones LRGB?

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the colour ones LRGB?

Hi Martin,

No, not really. In astro art there are plug-ins that will split an Mx7c image into ints CMYG, (or depending on the plug-in LRGB), components. It can be a little fiddly but then again I am learning processing as I go, and slowly, so maybe there is better information in my raw images.


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Hi Anthony,

Great set of images, and as you say, some really nice colours too. I really like the colour on the M27 pic in particular, a nice overall reddish colour whereas my DSLR pic is mainly blue/green. All the the images have excellent focus and tracking too. What mount did you use Anthony?

One day i'll have too invest in an Astro CCD too. Perhaps the Orion Starshoot?



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Hi Rus,

The horsey and the dumbell are through an 80mm refractor piggy backed on a 8" SCT in fork mount.

The second two are on a losmandy G11. I got this second hand and it is an excellent mount. Limitations in its performance are through my struggle for understanding and being able to put time into it.

As regards colours - I am pretty happy with the mx7c. It can take a bit of effort to get colour right, but regardless of that - (eg ring nebula) - it can produce excellent images. Very sensitive too, the horsey shot was through a Ha filter alongside a bright waxing moon.


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