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  1. My scope was an older CPC-1100 @f10 (2800mm fl)... TY
  2. Jupiter taken with a ZWO ASI 120MC-S From Augusta, GA, USA in June 2018. Cheers Doug
  3. Here’s a few old pics on my hard drive taken with the ASI120MM-S. Cheers Doug
  4. These pics were taken months ago. But they are some fond memories with my previous ASI camera. However, I have a new camera arriving this week. Cheers, Doug
  5. Hello, Maybe someone can recall a unique image posted approx. 8-10 yrs ago ?. It was a pic of Zwicky’s 8Zw388., a very distant ring of galaxies in Virgo. Of course it resembled a tiny necklace. I have been wanting to try my luck at this one. But didn’t have the right equipment then. I’ll never find the old post here. But it seems it was titled Celestrial Jewelry because included with the Necklace was a ring-figure (Hoag’s Ring)??? Glad to be back on SGL after a long time. Cheers Doug
  6. Very nice image in deed....... I want one of those new IS cameras. Doug
  7. Here's one of the photos that I was able to catch between the clouds on transit day last week. This was taken from my garden in Charlotte, NC with a CPC-1100 @f6.3 and Canon XT. I was able to catch a few exposures in the open when the clouds decided to stir a bit. Cheers, Doug
  8. Someone on another fourm mentioned a Lunar "V" also shown on one of my other versions, at the top of the image. Interesting that I had not noticed it. Doug
  9. I waited for months to get the last chance to view and image the Lunar X for 2011. Thankfully it was a nice, cool and clear night here in the SE USA. This is a single exposure taken with my CPC-1100 and Canon XT @ISO 100 for .8 second. Cheers, Doug
  10. HI Freddie, I got to the step to mark the position. But, didn't get the green box... or purple circle. I will keep trying. Cheers, Doug
  11. Hi mates, I have never used the Deep Sky Stacker program for stacking or processing my astro images. However, last weekend I took approx. 85 short exposures of Comet Garradd. I have stacked the images with MaxIm and get a fairly nice pic showing the comet streak against the star field over the one hour or so duration. I would like to try stacking these exposures using the Comet feature of DSS. But, I need someone to guide me through the steps for this. I can stack the images fine. But, I never get to the comet option in the software. I would like to try the third option of freezing both the co
  12. Taken in my garden on 01 Oct 11 (Saturday night) with a CPC-1100 and Canon DSLR XT. Cheers, Doug
  13. It seems like forever since I had the scope out. I don't think I've gotten out at all this summer due to the hot, hazy evenings here in Georgia, USA. Well, it turned cool this weekend and very clear. I had been itching to image 'something' and had my eye set for finding comet Garradd. I took this image in alt/az with my CPC-1100 and Canon DSLR 350XT. I stacked approx. 80-85 , 10 sec exposures in MaxIm DL. It's not the greatest. But it was very enjoyable getting out in the cool air last night. I had to think hard to remember how all the camera gear and setups went together... Overall, I'm plea
  14. This was a nice family get together since I live in Auguata, GA. I know you miss the nice warm weather and gulf breezes..Here's a later pic at the crack of dawn....Venus is still seen just at the right edge of one of the clouds.... Cheers, Doug
  15. Nice sunrise overlooking the Gulf of Mexico this morning with brillant Venus high in the East. Cheers, Doug
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