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Not sure if this should go here or in Widefield, but here goes.

I took a couple test shots of my skies the other night. It was so spectacular when I got home, I had to give it a try. I just hung my camera on the pier in the rolloff and took a 30 second exposure to the south and one to the north. The idea being to show the difference between the relatively pristine southern sky and the badly light polluted sky toward Phoenix. Haven't developed the film, yes, film, yet, but hope to do some stuff this weekend to fill out the rolls. I did one print shot and one slide shot. (Heresy!) :D Anyway, I'll post them when they're done and scanned. Both were 400 ISO Kodak through a 35mm lens at F/3.5 for 30 seconds.

Constellations captured should be Corvus, Crater and Virgo to the south, Ursa Minor, Ursa Major and Camelopardalis in the north.

Somebody put a bug in my ear to finish the roll in a couple days, ok? Just to be sure. Thanks.

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:D I'll get right on it...right after work....after the PAS meeting.....after the 1.5 hr drive home.....after i upgrade my 'puter memory, (which arrived this aft.)....after a quick nap...after work tomorrow...Oh, you get the idea....
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The good news is it's looking great for this new moon weekend, plus we get a 3 day weekend here in the States, so I'll have a couple nights, maybe 3 to finish the roll.

Just hang on, guys! (And gals!) You'll get yer wide-angle, sky shots next week.

(But do stay on me to get it done.)

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The only person to notice any texture /detail would be Kain i think.

Theres no details there, just a flat blanket of Nimbostratus (Ns), the most uninteresting clouds out!

I hate days like that.


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I've had the week from heck here. My wife ran over my dog on her way home last week during a rare rain storm. (Wednesday). I had to bury him when I got home at 9:30ish. Our washing machine died over the weekend. Cha-Ching! I just got back from the photo lab and they didn't print my astorphotos. Printed the pics of the setup, but skipped the astropics. I had to point the stars out to them for the first time since I've used that lab, (roughly 25 years). I'll get the pics tomorrow morning and try to find time to scan/upload them.

We leave for the Grand Canyon Star Party on Saturday and we'll be incommunicado for a week.

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