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Deep sky imaging showcase 2023

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Its that time again! :) Im expecting greatness this year! (as usual!)

Please use this thread to showcase your best images captured during 2023. Just one post per member but you can include up to 5 images if you want.

The thread is for all imagers, both novices and advanced.

Please keep details to a minimum - scope and camera possibly along with a few comments if required.

The thread needs to be packed with images so please don't respond to the postings. The previous years showcase thread(s) can be found here:


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No greatness this year, I am afraid.

All captured with SW 190 MN, ASI 2600mc mounted on AZ EQ6 GT.













M86 and friends


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Well, as someone else said in a recent thread, my favourite is often my most recent (although not always!). But here are a couple:

Firstly, M78 across Barnard's Loop to LDN1622 (sometimes horribly called the boogeyman nebula). Shot in February 2023, but just re-processed, as my original version had some nasty unresolved gradient issues as well as looking a bit washed out.

Secondly, a 6 panel mosaic of the Veil Nebula with surrounding dust. I posted this at the time, but have since added some OIII data to just enhance this in the SNR itself, as it failed to come through very well in the purely broadband original.


M78 2302 v2 stretch.jpg

Veil 2308 stretch OIII crop.jpg

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Not a lot of images over 2023 for me, but the ones I have aren't too bad! I've been experimenting with narrowband data I captured this year (longer integration times and process flow) and I like the look the Soul Nebula! 

Both images were captured using a Williams Optic FLT120 with x0.8 reducer and the QHY268M monochrome camera fitted with Antlia 4.5nm S, H and O filters. 


IC 1396 Elephant's Trunk Nebula- SHO narrowband 



IC 1848 Soul Nebula - SHO narrowband



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OK, here we go, in chronological order.

HCG 44, the Leo Quartet



M64, The "Black Eye Galaxy"



The "Bubble Nebula in SHO



M92, the only Globular that I maged this year



Finally HCG 92, Stephan's Quintet


All captured with the ODK12, the Bubble in SHO with the G3 16200, all the others in LRGB with the SX Trius 694.


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Here are my 5, less galaxies in there than I would like.

Veil Nebula, RASA8,QHY268c


M78, Esprit150,QHY268


NGC 925, Esprit150,ASI 178


Lacerta Nebula, SY135,QHY268c


M88, Esprit150, ASI178


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2023 was my first go at mono, starting with an Atik 428EX then moving on to an ASI1600MM Pro. So here's a selection of SHO images using these two cameras.

NGC7635 Bubble Nebula


IC410 Tadpoles


IC1805 Heart Nebula


IC1848 Soul Nebula


SH2-155 Cave Nebula


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Here's my pick of the bunch:


Rho Ophiuchi - Taken from Isle of Wight between 12 - 17 degrees.  Not as good as if captured further south, but I'm proud if this one.   Askar FMA180 and ZWO ASI 294MC Pro.  



Veil Nebula using Askar FMA180 and ZWO ASI 294MC Pro.  



M31 using Askar FMA180 and ZWO ASI 294MC Pro.  



Flaming Star Nebula using William Optics GT81 IV and ZWO ASI 1600MM Pro



Orions Belt using Askar FMA180 and ZWO ASI 294MC Pro.  

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Pretty new here so I don't know if links to pics are allowed?  In case they are, here are a few from last year that were decent I think (all on google photos, but public), and info on those pages:




NGC7331 and Stephan's Quintet among others:



NGC1333 the Embryo nebula:



And one narrowband.  Not too fond of narrowband but I liked this one, Thor's Helmet (I may have overdone the processing though):



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It was a dismal year for me and the only "showcasey" image I produced is perhaps my best to date. It's actually an animation of Comet C/2020 V2 (ZTF).  It seems so long ago now...


The story of its capture:


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I just wanted to share my sons image of the Bubble Nebula. He is 15 and we have shared the hobby for a few years, but this image he did all on his own from start to finish. I am very proud of his final result!



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Some of my images from 2023

Equipment for all images:

SkyWatcher 190MN on an AZ-EQ6 mount, and XWO 294MM camera

Processing: PixInsight

And IV, the satellite that wasn't



M81 and M82 in HaRGB, a 2 panel mosaic



Tadpoles in Ha



pgc 12421, the truly hidden galaxy:



ugc 12632



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