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Sun White light 29-4-23

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Hi all, occasional White light solar dabbler here 🙂

Comedy of errors, couldn't locate the Sun as no proper finder - used ZWO 1600mm with Ha and green filters but plugged into USB 2 port - taken from indoors as nursing sick child while imaging.

20 % of approx 1100 frames, AS3, registax wavelets, photoshop false colour.

The Ha filter seemed to give the most detail, possibly just seeing changes I guess though.

Thanks for looking.





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Dare I suggest you try ImPPG instead of Registax?
It is very easy to overcook the sharpening in Registax.
That wasn't very subtle of me, was it?  :wink2:

A highly decorated solar imager offered me the same advice.
Which transformed my images to fuzzy blurs instead of sparkly snowflakes.
So I am "paying it forward."  Don't shoot the messenger. 🙊

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Posted (edited)

Never tried Imppg, I'll have a play later.

In all honesty, it's hard to know when to stop sharpening, I find it hard to know if I'm pulling out granulation or sharpening the noise 😂

I'm quite happy though, its only a SW72ed and reduced to 344mm.

No guns fired here 😂

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Posted (edited)

Thanks. I am not picking on your images. Just preaching to a larger audience. Just paying it forward.

The best test of reality is to examine other's images using similar equipment and image scales.
Check out Dave Smith's image in a post nearby. His white light, whole disk image is really excellent.
If any solar image shows a uniform "artificial" texture then they are seriously over-sharpened. IMO.

Whole disks, in WL, at modest image scales, have the exquisite subtlety of an eggshell.
The limb should not be reinforced with a hard ring. Dave's image simply stops at the edge. Perfect!
Granulation is not going to show up at these image scales. Always aim for reality. Not imaginary, digital detail. :wink2:

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Guess who deleted the original captures !

Next time I dabble I'll post a series of processes images at different levels of process, it's hard to know when to stop 😁

Looked at Dave's image and I see what you mean, but you might be right about the larger audience as there are many others heavily sharpened around.

Thanks for the input though and points taken as intended 👍🏻

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Posted (edited)


Finally got the chance to get the little scope back on the Sun.

I think I might still be overcooking the sharpening but just can't help myself.

Autostakkert, Imppg, CS6 to crop and false colour.

Spookily I showed Mrs knobby via WhatsApp and she said 'looks like an eggshell' 🤣

Thanks for the tips Rusted.


2023-06-25-1006_6_lapl4_ap53_false colour.png

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