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Mounting query for Coronado PST

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Hi Folks, 

I need a wee bit of advice, please.

I'm getting a Coronado PST in the new year and wondering what would be best to mount it on.

I'm considering a SkyWatcher PRONTO alt az  or a decent fluid head on a camera tripod.

Any thoughts/ suggestions?

Thanks and clear skies for 2023.


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I had a Solarquest Mount and was great centering and tracking the sun. However I found cloud's in the UK would disrupt the tracking and was a pain using the little buttons on the mount to recentre. I went to the AZGTI mount and already had a spare hand controller so used that but the AZGTI is WiFi so you can use your phone. 

I use my old neq6 now as I've triple mounted solar scopes, lol. Beware the solar bug and going over from the dark side, lol. Joking aside, with the UK weather and clouds the Az-GTI. 

Pics of the Solarquest Mount 



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A Solarquest is great - I have one.
Set it outside with little attention to levelling and direction. Push the power button and while you go back inside to get the scope, it sorts itself out.
When buildings and trees mean you have to move the scope during the day, it takes little time to restart.

However, it is a one purpose mount.

A different mount will have more involved setup. But can be used at night.

HTH, David.


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Don’t forget that with either SolarQuest or AZGTi you will need an L bracket if you want the scope positioned upright so you can look down into the eyepiece. I’ve had an AZGTi and it works very well for this type of application.

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