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What binoculars are favourable nowadays

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Not had any astro bins for over 10 years.. so whats the ones to go for nowadays?

No looking for mega expensive ones, neither budget ones..

Would like 70mm objective at least I think.

Just wondering what my options are at the moment.

I know there's loads out there, but user experience and recommended is always the best way.

Thanks Gary 


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I use Apollo 15x70's , just recently had them serviced at Optrep, £140 inc returned postage, cleaned, re gassed etc, my goodness I had not realized how out of collimation they had become until I got them back, they are simply razor sharp and they were good before, stars like pin points, no false colour on the Moon, cloud belts in Jupiter, red Mars and patches of its surface although tiny, I put ND filters in the eyepieces for the Moon incredible! Orion with OIII filters shows huge nebulosity.  I have the 28x110 Apollo's also, they going next for service soon despite being able to see the trapezium as points. The 15x70's are by far the most used however.

If you pick some Apollo's up for less than £150 send them to Optrep you will not regret it.


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I used to have a pair of Helios Apollo 15x70 (similar to the Oberwerk, I gather). Excellent bins, but the newer Helios LightQuest 16x80mm are not only slightly sharper and have a bigger aperture (30% more light), they are actually a touch lighter, and just as easy (or hard) to use handheld. Highly recommended. However, if you stumble of a pair of Helios Apollo 15x70s, and they are going for a good price, you should certainly look into it.

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