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  1. 50in? Imagine the size of the camera. I have to leave it as is, it's just too funny, and embarrassing.
  2. Hi all I am looking to pick up a 50mm lens for astrophotography. I have seen the Canon lens on both f/1.4 and f/1.8 formats, there is about €100 in the price difference. Looking online, I have read how f/1.4 created curvature and is best stepped down to f/2 or f/2.8. What advantage, if any, is to be gained by going with the f/1.4? The camera is a Canon 5D mark ii. Thanks Paul
  3. Hi all I am thinking of picking up an 80mm ED refractor and while cruising around the Web I came across this scope: https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p8637_TS-Optics-Doublet-SD-APO-80mm-f-7---FPL-53---Lanthan-Objective.html It states that the FPL-53 glass is mated with lanthanum glass as the second element. FPL-53 controls CA very well, how will the addition of lanthanum glass improve the seeing? I intend to use it purely for visual.
  4. Hi all I am in the market for a 4" ED refractor for double star work, I want something small and portable that will sit nicely on my Skytee II mount. I was drawn to Altair Astro, I saw the review of their 102mm Starwave Ascent in Sky at Night magazine, now I am a little skeptical about magazine reviews, are they going to risk potential advertisement revenue by stating that a product is nothing better than a doorstep? Or are they going to be glowing in their praise even if that is not the case? No matter, maybe I am too much of a cynic. The Ascent 102 is sold at a fantastic price, £465
  5. Thanks for the responses. I am liking what I am hearing about the Skywatcher 120ED and I will keep my eye open for any second hand options.
  6. Hi everyone. That feeling we all get in the back of the neck from time to time is causing an itch and I don't know if I should scratch. My current set up is a 120mm f/5 Skywatcher Startravel with an older 120mm f/8 Evostar for lunar and solar work. I have seen the Explore Scientific 127mm ED Apo, f/7.5 and my mind is starting to wander and the credit card is whining in my wallet. https://www.telescope.house/en/Telescopes/EXPLORE-SCIENTIFIC-ED-APO-127mm-f-7-5-FCD-1-Alu-2-R-P-Focuser.html I can hear many people out there asking why not consider a reflector, but I am a refr
  7. A general rule of thumb is 75% the cost of a new item, that depends on the condition, of course.
  8. I believe that you are required to list a price, per the rules.
  9. I am certainly not bringing the integrity of seller into doubt, we are an honest lot in the astronomical community, and if I was in the market for such a scope, I would be checking it out, six hour round trip and all. I am sure someone is in for a bargain.
  10. Here's the link to the ad: https://www.donedeal.ie/hobbies-for-sale/14-5-quot-dosonian-astronomical-telescope/24413241 The mirror looks good, though it is difficult to tell from a photograph. There is no name on the scope that I can see. I have no interest in buying the scope, in my mid 50s I don't think I want to be lugging this thing around and it would be wasted where I live, my garden is the place where the streetlights come for the fun, and they are all LEDs, which is worse again. I am sure the seller is genuine and maybe for the reasons stated wants it gone quickly.
  11. ...it probably is. I saw an ad for a 14.5" truss pole dobsonian for sale for €1000, (£880). I am not in the market for such a scope, but a 14.5" scope for €1000, I had to check out the ad. The seller has an Argo Navis computer system attached and a Starlight Instruments focuser. Checking out the new prices of these items it comes to €486 (£430) for the Argo Navis and the focuser is about €460 (£400). Therefore, close to €950 (£840) in accessories, even taking off 25% for second hand equipment, that comes to €237 (£210) leaving €713 (£630) for the accessories, €287 (£250) for a 14.5
  12. Hi all My eyepiece case foam had degraded to such a state that it was a mess and frankly, embarrassing. It was time to do something. I ordered some replacement foam, 5 layers, 16mm depth to each layer, that way I needed to only cut the layers I needed. The pluck foam is fine for regular shapes, squares, rectangles, etc, eyepieces are not of a regular shaped. Using a sharp blade I carefully cut out the shapes. I had to work around the pieces, the foam is black and I had no pen to draw out the shapes, a Tippex pen would have been ideal, but I didn't have one.
  13. Hi For your budget, binoculars are the way to go, small, portable and the ability to give great views of the night sky. You mentioned 15x70s, they are on the edge of being hand held and even then your arms will become tired quite quickly. A tripod will be necessary to hold them steady for the best views. I would recommend starting with 10x50 binoculars. I believe they are the perfect instrument, light, great wide views and they will open up so much of the universe, clusters, galaxies, double stars and nebulae. Additionally, they are great for viewing nature, birds, animals, e
  14. Can someone please hide the Clearasil from the sun. Paul
  15. Hi all Last night, around midnight, I popped my head out the back door, the sky was clear, went back inside and grabbed my 10X50 bins. A chair from the shed was setup in the corner of the garden, streetlights blocked by the walls and had a most enjoyable couple of hours. The seeing and transparency were very good. The true glory of the Milky Way was diminished by my urban location and the fact that the sky never gets truly dark around mid-summer. Sweeping down the spine of Aquila I came across the Wild Duck Cluster, looking like a globular in the bins, further south the concentrat
  16. Hi all I am currently working my way through the Herschel 400, 81 down, a long way to go. When it comes to a challenge such as this, what you can pull in really depends on your location. Last weekend I was under rural skies and was observing 11th and 12th magnitude galaxies with ease in my 200mm Newtonian. Last night, in my urban back garden, where the streetlights like to meet for fun, I was out observing again. Boy, what a difference. I attempted to begin with the observation of NGC 5466, a 10th magnitude globular in Bootes, hah! no chance. There was nothing there, no hin
  17. Hi I will take the pads off your hands. Can you pm me with payment details. Paul
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