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Backlash only on one side of the mount


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I tried adjusting my backlash on my eq5 pro and everything seemed fine until i turned to the west side. The backlash is wild . If i go back to the east side the backlash is non existent.  Also if i set my rate to 9 and move  on the west side of the ra axis there is some screeching that i can hear.

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So a eq5 pro is run on gears and not belts? If it's a gear to gear then that indicates that they're not meshing that well... Are you meshing the gears or adjusting the worm with the grubscrews? 

Screeching usually means the worm is too tight but could mean the clutch is too tight and pushing the ring gear over to one side meaning you're getting binding on certain parts of the rotation 

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When I adjusted the backlash on my EQ5, I removed the drive motors first and then adjusted the wormgear using the grub screw. Careful when you tighten up the wormdrive casing bolts because these can alter the backlash and usually tighten it.

Once I thought I had the right backlash set, I would then manually rotate the axis through 360° using the gear on the end of the wormdrive and check for binding. If this was okay, then I;d put the drive motor back on and set the gear mesh between the motor and the drive gear.

It's all about taking you time and making fine alterations. ;) 

This video may help. start from 22 minutes in:


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It is not uncommon for that mount type, that worm wheel is not perfectly symmetric, and in some position the play will be significant, while at other it will be not. The best you can do is to cancel the play in the "tightest" worm wheel position, because if you cancel it at the opposite, then there will be an excessive friction in the "tight" position.

One way or another the backlash is not a big issue, unless it is really big. 

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