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  1. I suggest Uhu plus endfest 300 (not the faster compound), because it is glass solid and very stable over time. I've always used that product with with no problem at all. Beppe
  2. Protection! ... With what material? I believe the best choice is silicone because it is not attacked by the solvent for epoxy layer. The silicone sealant must incorporate the gold wires together with the sensor outermost areas , where there are the delicate tracks and the microscopic electronic components that must absolutely not be damaged. Beppe
  3. We hope very strongly hard epoxy layer could be peeled off easy ... About golden 'lanes', I would prefer to keep them well protected Beppe
  4. These are my last infos ...: http://www.fabersurfacecare.com/it/it/epoxy-remover.html https://uk.banggood.com/BGA-IC-Adhesive-Removing-Liquid-Glue-Epoxy-Remover-Cell-Phone-CPU-Chip-Cleaner-p-1128970.html?rmmds=search-left-hotproducts__1&cur_warehouse=CN Beppe
  5. There're "Loctite scolla tutto" (italian distributed product) to dissolve many adhesives included "Loctite Super Attack" cyanoacrylic glue. I'm afraid it wouldn't to perform on the sensor epoxy layer ... Also, another universal glue remover (for epoxidic one too) from Saratoga, called Via-Col is available here ... Beppe
  6. Please, keep out of methanol. It's extremely poisonous! Beppe
  7. I'm afraid the imx179 isn't so sensitive .... B
  8. Soon I will to post my solution for polar aligning using ICX811 module with led illuminated nylon crosshair on the back of the regular polar scopes. it's for all EQ mounts. Very performant! Beppe
  9. Bravo! I agree with you. These camera modules are very very performant! I purchased a monochrome one too and it is more sensitive. Beppe
  10. IMHO, I suppose your goal is very difficult to realise ... I've done many experiments in this area and 32° C is my the maximum deltaT° . No more chilling I ever reached, neither with more accurate insulation, nor with bigger Peltiers too ... Beppe
  11. The problem number one is getting rid of the heat from Peltier warm side. Big power TECs require big dissipating system, so lower power TECs - due to the easier heat dissipation, often perform better as higher power ones ? Beppe
  12. PS: https://agenaastro.com/gso-2-coma-corrector.html Beppe
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