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  1. I'm afraid the imx179 isn't so sensitive .... B
  2. Soon I will to post my solution for polar aligning using ICX811 module with led illuminated nylon crosshair on the back of the regular polar scopes. it's for all EQ mounts. Very performant! Beppe
  3. Bravo! I agree with you. These camera modules are very very performant! I purchased a monochrome one too and it is more sensitive. Beppe
  4. IMHO, I suppose your goal is very difficult to realise ... I've done many experiments in this area and 32° C is my the maximum deltaT° . No more chilling I ever reached, neither with more accurate insulation, nor with bigger Peltiers too ... Beppe
  5. The problem number one is getting rid of the heat from Peltier warm side. Big power TECs require big dissipating system, so lower power TECs - due to the easier heat dissipation, often perform better as higher power ones ? Beppe
  6. PS: https://agenaastro.com/gso-2-coma-corrector.html Beppe
  7. Hi, at f5 nobody had problems, as far as I know ? Beppe
  8. That's an design/assembly issue. It seems many people received faulty GSO CC in last times! Beppe
  9. I know it, thank you. That is a great discussion about visual use only. Sathya pointed out the perfect backfocus - for imaging task, would be different as commonly described (55 vs 75 mm). As former owner of GSO coma corrector, I finded big issues, in terms of coma bad correction and radial chromatic aberration. I find GSO CC - at 75 mm backfocus, definitevely inusable with my 8" f/4 Newt! Speaking about CC phographical use ... Beppe
  10. Hi Satya, what you report is very interesting because I have the same corrector and with the recommended backfocus I see very obvious coma and chromatic aberration! So, when you have tested the distance of the c.c. to 75 mm, have you also seen a form of radial chromatic aberration, ie in direction of stellar elongation? If your answer is affermative, does this chromaticism disappear together with the coma, if the backfocus is reduced to 55 mm? Thank you, Beppe
  11. Hi to all, just two weeks ago, I sent my gerber files to EasyEDA as they can produce ten 'professional grade' pcb for me (for the first one request you will pay only 8 $ ?, while the requests after the first, will cost just a four bucks more) I should receive the pcbs in two weeks at the most - at least I hope ? . Then I will test my new dew & TEC controller. If any of you there want it, I'm willing to share my gerbers with SG friends. I attach rendering of controller. Only one thing: you'll have to wait a few weeks yet ? Beppe
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