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IC348 to NGC1333, the Perseus Molecular Cloud (finally beating the clouds!)


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This is a two panel mosaic, capturing a good portion of the Perseus Molecular Cloud. The two reflection nebulae at each side of the frame are IC348 and NGC1333.  

I wasn't expecting the reddish colour to appear, as I hadn't really studied the area in much detail. I guess this is an area of Ha - contained within the nebula area categorised as LBN 749, but without its own designation as far as I can tell?

RASA 11 on CEM120, ZWO ASI2400MC Pro, total of 252 x 30s over the two panels.

(I should add that cloud's the word - I shot the first panel in late September, and then was thwarted by poor weather for weeks, finally managing to get the second done last Friday)


NGC1333 and IC348 mosaic stretch.jpg

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11 minutes ago, Knight of Clear Skies said:

Great image, these two targets are high up my list of priorities with the Samyang 135mm, provided I can get a nice long run at them. This area is very interesting in infra-red as well, especially IC348:


thanks, and for the link - that makes an interesting comparison

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On 23/11/2022 at 10:28, Fegato said:

thanks, and for the link - that makes an interesting comparison

You're welcome, IC348 is one of the most beautiful objects in IR. I've been playing around a bit with optical/IR composites using data from WISE, this is my latest effort:

I hope to do something similar with the Perseus and Taurus molecular clouds. With the 135mm Samyang and 6D I can just about fit in the region from the California Nebula to the Pleaides.

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1 hour ago, ollypenrice said:

Great image. I've done this in HaLRGB with the Tak FSQ and CCD. Yours is a much finer image. The great thing about the RASA-CMOS combination is the delicacy and finesse of the dust it can capture, which is particularly good here.


thanks Olly, yes must admit I do go for dust quite a lot.  I think a RASA is perfect for dark skies and poor weather -  with OSC and broadband I can get the most out of the little clear sky time that's available. I'd go insane with multi-hour projects!

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