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  1. I don't have a Mesu, but I applaud your efforts to get away from USB connections. Unless captive at both ends, the connector technology is pretty much unsuitable for moving parts. Alas, we have all been pushed down this route for convenience and/or cost over the years. Now we are stuck with it!
  2. You need to be pointing somewhere near the celestial equator for the calibration to work (after polar alignment, of course). Pointing at the celestial pole to calibrate, like you were, will give wildly inaccurate results. Because maths. Good luck!
  3. You should do...maybe then we'll get some clear skies!
  4. Yes, the blue is interesing!
  5. The chips are in the cables! So no need to disassemble anything
  6. The easiest remedy for this is to only use USB to serial adapters with FTDI chips, NOT the Prolific brand. FTDI "remembers" the correct COM port regardless of which USB socket is used, while Prolific doen't. Believe it or not, the reasons are due to hisitorical issues with IPR piracy!
  7. The import duty will be calculated based on the "declared value" of the package.
  8. In that case, surely it's a 304.8 mm f6?
  9. Much more civilised than Godwin's Law!
  10. I saw this on telly once. It used to happen quite a bit. I have thought about randomly removing a star from each of my images for this very purpose. But then I realised that no-one would want to rip them off anyway....
  11. Why did you have to bring up chains to complicate matters further? That's just not cricket, old chap!
  12. Nah! You should just roll over and give them their 0.454 kg of flesh...
  13. I'm getting increasingly peeved at constantly having to swap between metric and imperial components, nuts, bolts, and tools on my rigs. It can really interrupt my train of thought while assembling stuff. And, as for planning how to make stuff that includes both measurement systems, it's nigh-on impossible. Just venting!
  14. This is particularly applicable with many short sub-exposures compared to fewer longer ones. So it's another win for CMOS. BTW the extra 8 bits of resolution would require a minimum of 256 subs - that's a lot of storage and CPU demand.
  15. I was idly getting lost in the YouTube rabbit hole last night when I came across this clip of Star Trek Voyager. https://youtu.be/FyyMPIuXrqw In one scene, the view outside the window caught my eye: "That's nice attention to detail", I thought. Until I rmembered they were supposed to be stuck on the other side of the Galaxy, 70,000 light years away...
  16. I'm not 100% convinced that those pictures were even taken with that device. All it says on the Vaonis site is 150 mm scope, integration time, and IMX 455 sensor...
  17. I can't think why not. I've been thinking about re-purposing (or even multi-purposing) an e-bike battery for the same reason. 48 V 840 Wh should keep an HEQ5, TEC cameras, dew-heaters, and all the other bits going for a whole night. At around £300, they are not the cheapest, but don't half pack a punch!
  18. There's no harm in getting focus on a bright star and then slewing to your target. However, you should ideally re-focus when on target in case anything in the optical train shifts slighty with the scope in a different attitude. Especially if you are using a reflector or catadioptric ota.
  19. If you are polar aligned but your gotos are out out in elevation, this suggests that the star alignment is incorrect. Are you definitely syncing to the correct stars when you do your alignment?
  20. I also forgot to say that the 3 nm Ha also blocks a lot more of the light pollution from the Moon, meaning that you can image for a larger part of the month, whatever Bortle skies you have! The OIII and SII filters are not so good at blocking the moonlight.
  21. I'd advise based on your light pollution conditions: If you work from a good dark site, then the 6.5 nm versions will do you fine. However, if you are suburban/city based, then the 3.5 nm will reduce the effects of light pollution a lot more, improving contrast and making your processing much easier. I'm in a Bortle 7 (6 on an exceptional night) location, and when I changed to 3 nm from 7 nm nb filters, the difference was very apparent. Having said all that, nb imaging does require long exposures (10 minutes+) and you need to be sure that your EQ5 mount can consistently do that, or you will be chucking out lots of subs...
  22. Even if I do get stung for VAT, at least there is no import tariff https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/commodities/8525801900#import
  23. Hmmm, I was under the impression that Aliexpress was bound to include the VAT on sales to the UK by government agreement. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/buy-from-china-aliexpress/
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