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  1. I would like to present astro controller of my own design dedicated for astrophotography. I've worked on it for over 15 months, but I'm finally very happy. It works properly and has an integrated USB 3.0 HUB. Details on my blog. English language available after clicking English flag in the left corner of the page. Basic functionality: Integrated wint PCB USB 3.0 HUB based on the Microchip USB5537B chip Built-in FT232RL serial port for communication with the microcontroller ATMEGA 328 Two 12V sockets and one with regulated voltage of 12 - 35V Heater power control based on measurements of DHT22 temperature and humidity Focuser service via RS232 socket based on TB6612FNG chip Elements on the PCB of my own design Detail description and diagrams on my blog: https://moje-nocne-niebo.blogspot.com/p/astro-controller-usb-30.html
  2. yestarday I placed an order in teleskop-express After first session I will share with you my experience
  3. Hi, I would like to share with you my last photo from May's session. More detail about session at http://moje-nocne-niebo.blogspot.com/2016/05/m101-galaktyka-wiatraczek-pinwheel.html L: 30 x 300, RGB 3 x 12 x 600
  4. I have just asked one of the Seller (http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/index.php/language/en) about age of the mount G11 - he said all Losmandy mounts sell in shop are 6-9 months old. I hope it should be OK
  5. Thank you guys for answers. I have already checked Mesu price and indeed is much higher then Losmandy G11. Ragarding manufacturing date of mount, how to check it? Is there some serial number or certificate? And the last thing what about tracking accuracy comparing to NEQ6 - do you have some experience with this? Best regards
  6. Hi I am the owner of NEQ6 Pro (belt mod) mount and I am seriously thinking about Losmandy G11. I have already read a lot about outstanding reputation of G11 so I would be grateful if somebody could share with me personal experience. Is there any difference in tracking accuracy beetwen NEQ6 and G11? Some users written about 76 second error (PE) which is typical for this mount (at least in older version) - does new version of Losmandy G11 eliminates this error? And finally, does worth to make the exchange? Below is a screenshot of my last session (M101) where you can see Tracking Error Graph of my NEQ6 - is there space for improvement with G11?
  7. Many thanks for sharing. Differences are definitely visible! By the way what is YRGB? Did the images taken at the same seeing condition (same time)?
  8. Thanks, soon I will see - I have already ordered ProPlanet 742 filter especially for Moon and Jupiter imaging. I hope it will also give me a good results as Luminance filter for Jupiter in RGB techniques. Riklaunim can you post some planet or Moon images done with and without IR-pass filters?
  9. I am quoting myself because I have already found technical specification of ProPlanet IR-pass filter and even if it does not looks unmounted but in fact it is . Only a question I have, does anybody use it? What is your opinion?
  10. I have found 36 mm ProPlanet filters at Astronomic webpage, but it doesn't look like unmountet type. I will explore link you posted. By the way, did you use this kind of filters for planetary imaging? Looks promising in case of seeing improvement. http://www.astronomik.com/en/photographic-filters/proplanet-742-filter/astronomik-proplanet-742-ir-o36mm-ungefasst.html
  11. Hi, have anybody heard about IR-pass filter in 36 mm unmounted size? I have already found IR-pass filters in different sizes but unfortunately no one fit to my ATIK filter wheel 36 mm.
  12. I found old material from last year and processed again
  13. Thank you very much, I hope to have much better seeing next session. Yesterday I have ordered new, really fast camera ASI178MM from ZWO with pixel size 2.4 micro. I am very curious about results.
  14. Hi, I am presenting result of my Jupiter's astro session from 27th of march 2016. Picture below is composition of 3 channels in R-RGB technique (channel L was out of focus so I couldn't take it as Luminance). On my website you can find some details about this session and picture itself http://moje-nocne-niebo.blogspot.com/
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