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My blog...


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... is up and running!!!


Thanks to that very nice Mr Grant for getting me (and did I mention, a heck of a deal on hosting????!!!! :lol: )

I've been playing with the themes, but I don't know if you need to be registered in order to comment. Perhaps someone would be good enough to play and feedback???


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Looks awesome Daz! Theres an option somewhere in the admin part of the blog that lets you choose so that anyone can leave comments whether they are registered or not...

The offer still stands with anyone who buys hosting and a domain through http://iseeonline.net/hosting I will setup a blog like Daz's for free for you, you simply choose the theme you want..

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My 8 year old boy pointed out "a big lump of stars" which was the Plieades "lump". "Look up there" he said, "there's about 20 stars all together". 20? TWENTY! I can barely see six or seven! He lost no time in telling me where to look to find the smaller ones and didn't understand when I told him that I just can't see them.

I suppose that years of beer and fags and other stuff can't have helped, after all I'm past my design life and dropping to bits.

Captain Chaos

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... you should never disagree with young eyes, they're loads better than ours!! :lol:

Ah, too true!

I've turned off the registration thingy so you can post comments as you wish.... :)

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