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Summer Triangle Challenge

Hello from Suffolk


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So according to my profile, it's 10 years since I made my last post on this site!

My name is Chris, and I'm from Suffolk.


I got into astronomy and imaging through a friend 10 years ago, but a combination of young kids and early morning commutes kinda killed the hobby for me.

Ten years later, I now work from home most of the time, the kids have grown, and nobody will mind if I stay up all night and sleep in a bit late!

I've kept dabbling in the visual side of the hobby with an 8" dob, but the fiddly techy side is where my heart lies, so I've just invested in a new setup that I'm anxiously waiting for FLO to deliver.

It looks like a LOT has changed in the amateur imaging game in the last 10 years, but it's reassuring to scroll through these forums and still see lots of familiar names.


Apologies to anyone in East Anglia for the two weeks of solid clouds that will no doubt appear once my new scope arrives.




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