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  1. Hi all, I have a fairly old Orion Optics UK 6 inch reflector, a VX6 I believe (the shorter one, not the longer one). I got it years ago (before they came with dual speed focussers and tube rings - it just has a dovetail plate screwed onto it) as a ex-display model and I used it for a couple years and since then its been sitting there not being used. I'm considering using it with a new Alt/Az mount as a grab and go setup for visual observing in the back gardenbut one thing that bothers me is the focusser is pretty awful - it has large steps and only a single speed. I know some grease will
  2. Ah that's interesting, it makes sense tho as I guess it's the end result that's important.
  3. Aren't the ones that are doublets that use ED glass usually called semi-apochromatic? I think because the glass (or coating) used is such a high quality it significantly reduces chromatic aberration. I guess some places maybe just 'forget' the semi part and label them as apochromatic? Not sure. But yes I believe a true APO should be a triplet. I could be wrong though.
  4. Those clamps look pretty nicely machined for the money to be fair. I think I'll try and get a SkyTee 2 and upgrade the saddles. I'll have a look at Telescope Express as well
  5. Ah okay, it does looks incredibly well made but I didn't realise the saddles were extra, so that will come to a lot more than I wanted to spend. It also seems to be pretty heavy. I'm thinking the SkyTee 2 might be the best value for money given what I want to do which is a basic grab and go setup with maybe a 6" CC. Now just to find some stock.
  6. Okay, so it sounds like something fairly heavy duty will be needed if I go for the StellaLyra CC 6" and I agree with the above, I find slow motion controls are really handy and I forgot to mention that. So it sounds like I'd be looking at one of the below options, in ascending price. SkyTee 2, Rowan AZ100, Losmandy AZ8. Given the price savings I'd be leaning towards the SkyTee 2 I suppose, and I could then put the savings towards other bits and bobs.
  7. Background So a few years ago I traded some equipment for a setup more geared towards astrophotography. I ended up with a Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro Mount & Tripod (with Synscan) along with a Skywatcher Evostar 120 ED DS Pro telescope. In the time I've had it, I've gone through a fair bit - several house moves, two major surgeries etc and I've just not had the time (and for quite some time the health) to really get out there and use the kit, and in some cases lift them damn things without giving myself a hernia. I've never really bothered getting the computerised mount setup and just used it
  8. tompato

    Popping in

    Hi all, just popping in to say "Hi " before I start throwing questions around like they're going out of fashion! I'm in my early 30's, from the East of England and by day I'm a web developer. I've been into astronomy for a while now, originally just with an ex-display basic grab and go setup with a 6inch Newtonian and then I fancied going into astrophotography with a bigger/heavier setup that I traded for but I think I've come to realise that I don't have the time or expertise for it so I think I'll be asking a few questions on how to return back to a more simple setup.
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