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  1. “Auriga and Gemini rising over Lowestoft Harbour plus a ‘Leonid’ for luck – ancient astronomer with bins in foreground”. Old style astro - imaging circa 16th century. Drawing in pencil on paper (from Canon 600D - image taken on the 17th November 2018) reversed and transferred to 8mm. thick plywood block using carbon paper. Face of ply carved using mini drill bits and miniature Japanese wood carving chisels and gouges. Image printed, using homemade printing press, acrylic paint and thinners (colours -black, blue and purple) on cartridge paper. Scanned and blemishes touched up digitally – as more readily available than a monk using quill, brush and ink.
  2. My word the early hours of this morning in our backyard were very very cold, so cold that my laptop stopped working properly! Didn't get to bed until 5:30am but enjoyed seeing a fine lunar eclipse. By and large the clouds stayed away until 5:00am. so cannot complain.

    George contemplating an early night in Lowestoft

  3. Hawksmoor

    Wolf Moon with Stars DarkBest copy.png

    Very near time of maximum eclipse. Two images with different timed exposures blended together to show background stars as well as colour and illumination affects of the eclipse. Still photographs taken with Canon 600D DSLR and Altair Astro Starwave 66mm. refracting telescope mounted on Star Adventurer equatorial mount.
  4. Hawksmoor

    Wolf Moon withcloud and stars.png

    As maximum totality approached light cloud and frost crystals in the upper atmosphere created a coloured halo around the eclipsed moon.
  5. Hawksmoor

    Monster Moon.png

    From the album: The Moon

  6. Hawksmoor

    Monster Moon.png

    Moon rising and looking very big over the shop near our house in Lowestoft. Canon 600D DSLR handheld. Composite of two images using different lenses.
  7. Hawksmoor

    Wolf Moon 21Jan2019.png

    Mosaic of two stacked videos taken with a QHY5-11 colour planetary camera and my Altair Astro Starwave 66mm. refracting telescope mounted on a Star Adventurer equatorial mount
  8. Hawksmoor

    Wolf Moon 21Jan2019.png

    From the album: The Moon

  9. Stack and crop of 10x 30sec ISO1600 lights using a 66mm.Altair Astro Doublet - 0.6x focal reducer and field flattener and Canon 600D DSLR all on a Star Adventurer mount from our backyard in Lowestoft.
  10. Metcheck currently predicting clear skies for the lunar eclipse as seen from Lowestoft. Very excited! At the moment it is -3 C outside. Hope it warms up a bit in the next 24 hours or I will be hitting the hot marmite quite hard by the time it reaches totality.😳

    George in preparation, looking for his mittens in Lowestoft

  11. Hawksmoor

    Comet 46P Wirtanen January 2019 -03.png

    Early hours of the 14th January 2019 - very nice night after a long period of 'cloud' and 'Christmas lights'. Sadly my Star Adventurer mount was playing up or I was just out of practice. This image'stack' was the best I managed on the night using my 66mm. Altair Astro Doublet, a 0.6x focal reducer and field flattener and Canon 600D DSLR. Comet 46P/Wirtanen not far from the Great Bear's nose.
  12. Whoo hoo! we had stars in Lowestoft last night. 🤩  Not sure what was to blame for the dodgy images, was it the bad weather/Christmas lay-off affecting my kit or was the old astronomer using it  to blame? 

    Got out the 66mm Altair refractor on the Star Adventurer and my trusty bins , didn't get to bed until 3:30am.  Anyway I have a few more blurry images of 46P/ Wirtanen and I think I managed to capture a smudge that might be 38P/Stephan-Oterma. Could see 46P through my 11x80 bins handheld but very diffuse and cloud like would have missed it 'sweeping' but knew where to look. 38P not visible through my bins even though I knew where it should be, however the mince-pies aren't what they used to be.

    Real nice treat - saw a very bright and orange coloured meteor - slow moving in the east comiing from the direction of Orion.  No it wasn't a flare or firework!

    Nice clear night and dark after the Moon set, M81 and M82 very easy handheld through my big bins.

    George tired but quite content in Lowestoft.

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    2. orion25


      The pictures may be blurry, but the effort was pure and I'm sure very exciting :) I am well and doing more observing than imaging these days.  I did just get a nice image of M42 (an annual shot) and I'm looking forward to get a few pics of the lunar eclipse this weekend. I'm wishing you the clearest skies for this event. Oh, and how was the cold dive for charity?

    3. Hawksmoor


      Hi Reggie

      Glad you're ok. Hope you have clear skies for the Lunar eclipse, I might try and image it if the weather looks good. As for the cold water dip on Christmas morning; well the good news was we had sunshine and no wind, the bad news was the hard frost and air temperature of 1 degree celsius. It was so cold!  My partner stayed in the water for 10 minutes, I managed 2 minutes but she had the benefit of a wet suit

      All the best George770472555_AnitaandGeorgeSouthwold25-12-2018.thumb.png.84bcb86d2a9e0e934a9c89f722940065.png

    4. orion25


      Haha! The pictures say it all, George! Hope you both had a cup of hot cocoa by the fire afterwards :)  Thanks for posting the pics and best wishes with the eclipse. Our forecast is chilly but clear after rains pass through!


      Reggie :D 

  13. Weather remains inclement. Spent the day, off and on, assembling 3d printer kit. Off to bed as no stars and have just finished watching Modus, some violence, moderate swearing and a preposterous story line.

    Nighty night stargazers from George in Lowestoft

  14. All Christmas decorations taken down and put away but still no stars in Lowestoft.🙄

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    2. Hawksmoor


      Yes that Lowestoft and it still has Pleasurewood Hills open during the warmer months. High winds and tide today so currently enjoying a bit of local flooding. Our house on high land so not affected. A few stars visible tonight so better weather on the way? Fingers crossed.

      George awaiting sleep in bed in Lowestoft.

    3. SacRiker


      I used to visit Pleasurewood Hills every summer when I lived in England. Loved it. Sorry to hear the weather is rough! I live in California now and we are having a lot of rain! Shock!

    4. Hawksmoor


      In the words of 'Woody Bear' " Pleasurewood Hills is your biggest day out ever"! However, even in the rain, California probably offers a much bigger day out. Glad you enjoyed your visits to Lowestoft in the past. Only been to LA in California once long ago, had an excellent weekend on route to Auckland NZ. As a 'fossil nerd', La Brea Tar pits a highlight for me. Sea lions and pelicans in the harbour pretty special too.

      Best regards George

  15. Happy New Year to all Stargazers and chums around the world. My new year resolution is to try and treat the Earth and all life on it a little better in 2019.

    George now back in Lowestoft (it's still cloudy)

    1. orion25


      Happy New Year, George! :)  What a wonderful resolution; we should all strive for this.


  16. Hawksmoor

    Christmas Day Dip

    Invited by two of our children and grandchildren to meet them, early on Christmas morning, on the beach at Southwold for a swim. Had serious misgivings about this: as I dont do getting up early, I do not have a wet suit and recently have been under the weather. Anyway as my partner does have wet suit and was keen, a few bah-humbugs thrown in my general direction got me out of my 'toastie slumber chariot' before 8:00 UT and by 10:00 we were at the water's edge. There had been a hard frost overnight but by the time we entered the water, the air temperature was a balmy 2 deg C . I managed a brisk 2 minutes before I fully realised why in previous years I had restricted swimming in the North Sea to the months of June, July, August and September. Enjoy your Boxing Day Stargazers George thankfully no longer in the North Sea and in Lowestoft
  17. Hawksmoor

    Personal Astro Thoughts for 2019

    I look forward to reading your posts Gina, always interesting and indicative of 'grey cells' in abundance. As for 'de-cluttering', my artist bent requires a degree of clutter for my brain to function appropriately - but every December even I have a good think as to constructing a 'shape' rather than a detailed plan for the new year. What ever you decide to do - go for it and all the best for 2019. from George in Lowestoft
  18. Merry Christmas Stargazers

    from George in Lowestoft

    1. orion25


      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, George :) 


    2. Hawksmoor


      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Reggie.  I am currently sitting by a fire in our house, eating a tangerine and working up the courage to take a dip in the North Sea on Christmas Day with my wife and youngest son.  Swimming in the sea off a local beach on Christmas Day for charitable causes is a local tradition which we have not yet actively participated in. The sea is very cold at this time of year.

      All the best George

    3. orion25


      I get chills just thinking about that cold dip! Best wishes to you and your family :) 

  19. Hawksmoor

    Far out man...

    I'm hoping that the next object they find, further out than 'Far out', is named 'Almost out of sight'. It would appeal to the old hippy inside of me. Regards George
  20. Hawksmoor

    Curtain Aurora Auriga and Peace Laser.png

    Aurora October 2017 Iceland - Brilliant place to visit. Canon 600D DSLR on a small tripod - EOS lens at f=18mm. Featuring the John Lennon Peace Laser.

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