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  1. Perseids -Smershieds! - 100 percent of your classic 'British Clouds' overhead. Now going to bed with the hump! -Full on dromedary!  'Remote Robotic Scopes' are looking more attractive by the minute!

    Disgruntled of Lowestoft

  2. Hawksmoor

    19 years ago

    In France on the Cherbourg Peninsular. Saw everything in between clouds up until 'Totality' including the 'diamond ring', birds roosting, temperature falling and darkness rushing towards us across the fields. Then clouds put an end to it. Never saw the corona. We were so disappointed! Never really got over it sufficient to spend a lot of dosh chasing a Total Eclipse on the off chance that the weather would behave. Currently, not in Lowestoft and experiencing pouring rain but hoping that tomorrow night will be dry and clear and I will be able to 'snap' Perseid Meteors 'left right and centre'. George
  3. Hawksmoor

    Why Did You Start??

    For me there were several starts: Sky at Night with PCM in black and white on a TV with 'valves'. Fiftieth Birthday gift from my partner - a Meade 90mm.ETX Ra. An extravagance and to take the edge off work - 11x80 Helios binoculars. A giant leap for George - retirement and the arrival of my Meade 127mm Apo refractor plus sequential sundries . Suffolk County Council turning the street lights off at Midnight each night. I'm still quite poor at astrophotography but I really enjoy 'trying' and best off all - finding out interesting stuff in the process. I guess what keeps me going are the elements of discovery, technical detail and beauty all involved with accessing the visible Universe from our backyard. Last night I viewed the Dumbell Nebula through my big bins and as I looked away a bright meteor crossed the 'Swan' and vanished to my west. Tonight I looked up at bright red Mars low in the South and wondered whether the sand storms have abated. So much to see and know in such a short life time. George in Lowestoft getting a bit philosophical.
  4. Nice clear and dark night tonight. Spent some time in the backyard with my big bins. Watched a big jet plane lumber across the sky, lights flashing and contrails straddling Cygnus left in its almost silent wake.  Made me feel slightly sad. Not sure why?

    George about to turn out the light in Lowestoft.

  5. Hawksmoor

    Tim Peak's Soyuz

    Reminds me of an 'old school' diving bell. Considerable courage required to ride the atmosphere at speed in that device I should say! Thanks for sharing the photographs. If it's coming to Peterborough Cathedral (thanks for the heads up nigelg) we will try to get there to see it. George by the sea currently not enjoying high speed winds and rain.
  6. Ironically, tonight I watched the full moon rise serenely above the North Sea. Very beautiful but 24 hours too late.

    George eclipseless in Lowestoft.

  7. Well last night I could have photographed the Moon full on 'Lionel Richie' but tonight at 20;50 BST, no chance. Up on the cliffs at Pakefield with all my travel kit, I was nice and early at about 19:45. Clear view across the North Sea with just a little mist and some light cloud on the horizon. So I say to myself with a bit of luck I will capture a snap or two through the mist and cloud - very atmospherIc!  So we lug my kit from the car and set up. But oh no that 'e' word was about to work its magic and right on queue at 20:45 darkness fell and the four riders of the apocalypse obliterated all photons through south to east. - And then! - "hang on what light through stormed cloud breaks"? - "could that red disc be the Moon"?  A burst of 10 rapid shutter movements broke the cliff top silence.  - So, if anyone wants to see 10 images of the Saga around  the UK cruise ship heaving to off Lowestoft -  I'm your man. If you want to see a photo of me taking said saddo snaps, my wife kindly posted the one she took, on Facebook. She did not stop laughing for some considerable time after.

    George in a stormy and wet Lowestoft

  8. Hawksmoor

    A curious light phenomenon.

    I have to say Olly, this is just the sort of atmospheric disturbance I would expect from a Woo woo 're-entry' over mountainous terrain. The lack of actual 'woo' sightings and pulsating lights clearly speak for themselves. Currently, there are pulsating lights over my neighbour's garden and if he doesn't turn them off soon he will be experiencing an encounter of the third kind. George not asleep yet in Lowestoft.
  9. Hawksmoor

    Light relief for Cosmologists

    'Calculating the Cosmos' by Ian Stewart and 'The Universe Next Door' a New Scientist compilation are both extremely enjoyable reads and have kept me going in between the'dark clear nights' here on the east coast. So having time on my hands this summer, I prepared a digital image and poem in 'homage' to two of my favourite pursuits: reading books on cosmology I barely understand and eating shellfish most people tend to avoid. 'Winkles in the fabric of Space-Time' - mixed media - George Roberts - June 2018 "If there were winkles in the fabric of Space-Time At the Planck scale squid and plaice would rhyme If the Universe and Albert Einstein could spin on one sharp pin Might each sardine simultaneously be alive and dead in it's tin? Perhaps dark matter would even cease to matter? If cod, god and gravity were resolved in batter". George Roberts from the book 'A Brief History of Gastropods'
  10. Hawksmoor


    From the album: Saturn

    My best effort for the 2018 opposition. Too low for me to use my big refractor this year - so used my 18 year old Meade ETX 90Ra Mak mounted on a Star Adventurer. Had to brace and stabilise the tripod with a plate of plywood. QHY5 -11 colour planetary camera at F12.5 - 29-06-2018. Blurry and noisy but in the circumstances I'm quite pleased with the result.
  11. Hawksmoor


    Saturn from 2014
  12. Hurrah! Finally captured this year's blurry image of Saturn resting on top of the ridge tiles of my neighbour's roof. My 18 year old 90 mm. Meade ETX Ra Mak riding on my Star Adventurer mount provided a video clip or two of the 'ringed one' at F12.5. All a bit ' Roger Moore' and ' noisy' but just enough 'signal' to satisfy my annual Saturn needs.

    Very nice night in Lowestoft tonight but as we have been to the Indian restaurant and have rather overdone the 'Kingfisher' I decided to give 'juggling astronomy-kit in the dark' a miss. Nice to eyeball three planets - Saturn, Jupiter and Venus - plus the Summer Milky Way.

    Nighty night all


  13. Weather looking good at the moment - tonight?


    1. Hawksmoor


      Interesting how one hobby impacts on  another. My thumb nail has grown to an outrageous length which is great for banjo picking. Turns out it is less than optimal for handling cylindrical planetary cameras. Camera  appears to be working although the uv-filter may require replacement after my rather shakey attempt to superglue it back into its aluminium bezel.  😥

  14. Stars tonight over Lowestoft. 😀 Realised that Saturn is too low for my big refractor on its pier. Only way to get a snap will be with my mobile rig from another site. My old 90mm. ETX RA to the rescue - now mounted on a Star Adventurer.

    George hoping for another clear night this week in Lowestoft.

  15. Hawksmoor

    Why are the planets so low in the sky?

    Very similar to what once happened to me at a volatile building design meeting in Wakefield.
  16. Hawksmoor

    Saturn Jupiter Antares.png

    Due to trips away and cloud the camera and scopes have not seen much action. Last night I noticed Antares was just visible from the bedroom window along with Saturn, Jupiter and the Milkyway dropping through Sagittarius - so I balanced my DSLR on a mini-tripod from £-Land and took a few snaps. Lots of light pollution, some cloud etc. but a pretty picture over my neighbours' houses none the same.
  17. A wild boar put the wind up me whilst I was taking widefield snaps of the sky in the early hours of the morning. I can cope with the odd passing hedgehog grunting the night away but a large amorous porker on a moonless night is not to be taken lightly by an old amateur astronomer bending over a tripod. George 'shuddering at the thought' and currently not in Lowestoft
  18. Fabulous! Thanks for posting. regards George
  19. "and today's and tonight's weather in Lowestoft has been brought to us by clouds".🏊‍♀️

  20. Moon and Jupiter conjunction as viewed from our backyard tonight is a real pretty thing!

    1. Knighty2112


      Was planning on some observations tonight on both Jupiter and the Moon, but alas clouds though differently. :( 

    2. Hawksmoor


      Yes sadly the fog in Lowestoft tonight has put paid to any further observations of mine. Hopefully, there will be one clear night in June so I can capture my annual blurry image of Saturn!🧐

  21. Hawksmoor


    From the album: The Moon

    Mare Crisium -19th April 2018 - first quarter, 127mm. Meade refractor with 3x Barlow - QHY5-11 colour planetary camera.
  22. Hawksmoor


    From the album: The Moon

    Earth-shine April 2018. Composite image 127mm. Meade Apo-refractor - Canon 600D DSLR. A bit rough and ready processing but gives some impression of unaided eye view.

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