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Awful start!!

Jiggy 67

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Been looking forward to tonight as it’s forecast clear and all green on CO so setup early. 
Been out for the last hour under horrible conditions, everything soaked in dew with an atmosphere akin to looking into a swimming pool!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this bad……anyone experiencing similar??

I am going to give it an hour, turned everything off apart from dew heaters (I’m visual only) and see if the skies dry out a bit

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I spent most of the night chasing equipment issues as my guiding was SO BAD. However I'm now convinced that the Seeing was awful around Sheffield last night. We get so few clear nights, I haven't yet got confidence in my set-up when everything is telling me it's terrible atmospheric conditions. Oh well, I learnt a lot about diagnostics for PHD2 :)

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My guiding was also worse than usual at an average of 1-1.3" RMS, but as I was using a WO 81 refractor with a ZWO 071 camera, each pixel was around 2", so it was still good enough. Managed to get my first good image of the Rosette Nebula (I used an L-enhance filter) - image below is from a stack of 54 two minute exposures (with camera gain at 200, sensor cooled to -5C) and then some further image processing was done in Nebulosity 4.


Rosette Nebula 11th Jan v2 2022.jpg

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Very damp here too in Cornwall. I was surprised the lenses didn’t mist over. I thought I was going to have to use my dew straps, but my home made dew shields were adequate. It was fairly clear though.  It’s been over a month since I was able to get out under clear skies down here in Cornwall for any serious astronomy because it’s been so cloudy here. I look back at my notes and see that September and October were the last time I did any astrophotography here. So it was a pleasure last night to try mt new camera in an easy old target - M42. I’m hoping I’ve got the best part of three hours worth of useable data.

This is a two minute sub …



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