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  1. WOW, just looked on you'r flickr page, amazing images.
  2. Hi Barry and welcome. I see you have visited Gibraltar. When my wife and I did the tour up the rock she also had a visit to her person by an ape, but it sat on her head. She screamed at me to do something so I took a photo of her. glad to hear your enjoying your self in this frustrating hobby. regards.
  3. Wow . stunning video. lovely part of the country, have been over and under the viaduct. need to get back up there soon. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Amazing image.not seen it like this before. Fantastic.
  5. I like that very much. would look nice in a frame on a wall.
  6. Impressive.i like it. Good luck with the new scope.
  7. I don't think you will have any regrets what so ever. Time saved setting up is a bonus and if weather come's in quick just roll it back. good luck.
  8. Hi peter, thanks for reply, I think i will stick with stellarium as i am getting familiar with it. I have downloaded celestron driver and other ascom platform but with no luck. getting frustrated with it now. thanks again.
  9. Hi Peter,thanks for reply. I have been told that ascom can control the mount better. I was not sure if there is a program available to run celestron mounts in ascom.
  10. Thanks for reply Dr Ju - Ju, I have downloaded celestron driver but still come up with error message. in the top box it says EQ MOD 5/6 so am thinking it is not recognising celestron. I have read that the hand control will only work on an earlier program. (thread posted back in 2016) thanks for your input.
  11. Good evening, Am trying to connect Ascom to my avx mount but it says error timeout.has anybody had trouble like this. Identified com port 6,and works well with stellarium scope control.Any help much appreciated.
  12. Thank's for reply. I have managed to image M51 and having seen you'r single luminance i am actually very pleased with my result. thanks again and clear skies.
  13. WOW. Fantastic image. Does it take longer to process than to collect data ? I can't get my head around this stacking business.
  14. i have an avx on a pier.the only thing odd i used to experience was a strange whistling type noise when battery pack got low. No problems now mains powered. regards.
  15. Hi FaDG. Thanks for input, don't think it was a flare. it is sounding more like a meteor from the discription's on here. dannybgoode. i would be interested to see any image you may have of it. thanks in advance.
  16. Good morning, thanks for all you'r help. have just checked stellarium and i think the area was HIP 26588 (star). sorry did'nt note time. thanks for you'r input.
  17. Sorry, i meant meteor. Not sure exact time, i think between 8 and 9 pm. it was a quick streak of light, quite short. i am in the south east of England.
  18. Hi all did anybody see a white streak appear just left of orion last night.not sure what it was but think it was a comet.??
  19. Hi. great first attempt. keep it going and you will surprise yourself how quick it all improves. solid base is best. look forward to seeing your progress.
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