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  1. i don't know if you know , but you can connect a DSLR on it direct with a T adapter if you have one. Good luck.
  2. I made some video of a storm from the sea front just up the road from us sitting in my car. when i told my wife what i was going to do ,she thought i was mad, but when she saw the end product she seemed quite impressed.
  3. Nice. A pity no pics or video.
  4. As already suggested, try hibernate and see what happens . save's a lot of time. are you setting up on a tripod each time. nine is on a pier.
  5. lovely images. the widefield is stunning .congratulations on efforts.
  6. Thanks for info mike. will give it a go. clear skys.
  7. Lovely image mike, what sort of time was that ? I had a second try last night, much better than my first attempt. will have to try with star adventurer.
  8. Hi. thanks for sharing. i don't have equipment to view the sun in such detail, so it's always nice to see others images.
  9. Amazing. thanks for posting. don't have equipment for such images so always a great pleasure to look at .
  10. Hi. I was thinking of putting my 150-600 sigma and Nikon 7500 on mine. What do you think ???
  11. I had a star-adventurer for Christmas and haven't had chance to use it yet. will be pleased if I get something of that quality. very nice.
  12. WOW, just looked on you'r flickr page, amazing images.
  13. Hi Barry and welcome. I see you have visited Gibraltar. When my wife and I did the tour up the rock she also had a visit to her person by an ape, but it sat on her head. She screamed at me to do something so I took a photo of her. glad to hear your enjoying your self in this frustrating hobby. regards.
  14. Wow . stunning video. lovely part of the country, have been over and under the viaduct. need to get back up there soon. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Amazing image.not seen it like this before. Fantastic.
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