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  1. ...........You're damn right it is!!!!! So i've had my EQ6-R Pro for about a month now and still not been able to get the timing right between work, weather and her indoors to give it a good try yet!!.....So at the weekend I thought I would try correcting cone error as per Astronomy Shed's video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WatdQlPp22Y This is my second attempt at this and it really isn't as easy as the video makes out. I have learnt to loosen the bolts holding the rings to the dovetail in advance (not to the extent that they are loose) as they can be really tight and trying to loosen them when the scope is trained on your objective is impossible without nudging the mount, even when the clutches are locked. I have found that the adjuster bolts do not make any difference, every time I tighten them to move the scope away from the dovetail everything seizes tight....without moving the fov closer to the target. On both occasions now I have given up and resorted to returning the scope to the dovetail with the adjusters screwed out and not impacting at all on the dovetail, this is the only way I can think of minimising cone error as using the adjuster screws just forces the ring mountings away from the dovetail without improving the cone error. Does anyone have a solution???.......I'm considering screwing all four adjusters in (at both ends) a few turns, so they are actually moving the rings away from the dovetail a bit, which, I'm thinking, will give me room to adjust back and to....if you know what I mean, any opinions on this.......or....... Does anyone have a better method.......or....... Does cone error really matter that much??? my problem is i'm a bit fussy and i would rather get rid if I can. On a separate issue (for those not getting bored) I have a SW 9X50 right angled finderscope (not the erecting type, the image is upside down) I noticed the other day whilst aligning it to the scope that the image moved over to the other side when i moved the lens over on the diagonal lens (through 90 degrees), in other words it moved over to a different area of the sky without the finder moving. I know I've been away from this hobby for a few years but thats' not right is it, surely it should stay on target. Anyone know the reason for this. Thanks for reading
  2. A real 3D feeling with this sketch, you’ve really caught the depth of craters well, a lovely sketch.
  3. Today I made an attempt at ridding myself from cone error following Astronomy Shed's youtube video. When it came to loosening the bolts that secure the dovetail to the tube rings (its a Skywatcher dovetail for rings for a 8inch reflector) the bolts were that tightly fitted they were almost welded tight!! After much effort and rounding the bolts requiring replacements, I took the whole dovetail assembly apart. So now, once I've replaced the bolts I need to fit them back to the rings. Does anyone know a method of doing this that reduces cone error from the beginning, I'm assuming that if I tighten the bolts and just screw the adjustment alan bolts until they are touching the dovetail, there should be zero cone error....am I right??
  4. Does anyone have a spare knob for a Crayford dual speed focuser, one with both the slow and fast speed knobs. I’m taking a motorised focuser off my SW 200PDS but can’t find the original knob anywhere!! I only need the silver and black knob Thanks guys
  5. Does anyone use the PS Align Pro app for polar aligning and in particular the daytime polar alignment facility. Take a look at the videos below. This guy uses the daytime process using the app which identifies where Polaris is and then uses a bubble like animation for you to polar align with the alt/azimuth bolts. He then checks his alignment the traditional way (second video) and the app seems to be pretty bang on.....for visual anyway. What i like is that you can carry out this process during the day during normal set up and then at night you will only need to fine tune for accurate polar alignment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2lwoJeQj44 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq_gKvCmqBI
  6. Beautiful, love the almost 3D effect in clouds to the right of the core
  7. i think it should be noted that criminals, both violent and non violent property crime, are far more likely to commit offences against each other and their own neighbours. Although it does happen, the majority of criminals do not travel far to commit offences so I wouldn't let them win by changing your behaviour too much apart from some basic precautions.....after all....the chances are that if you never locked your front door or your car nothing would happen, obviously, I'm not saying that you should do that. I have considered leaving my equipment set up outside in my back garden but there are obvious concerns about that.....does anyone know of any insurance companies that would cover that risk??
  8. Don't know what your budget is but I would consider the Baader Hyperion Zoom. Might appear expensive but it's a good quality zoom giving you 5 eps in one at 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24mm and combined with a barlow further increases your options
  9. Thanks David......You've reminded me why I've spent the money
  10. I’ve had a good look round and I’ve ordered 7 of the grass protection mats from these guys http://rubberco.co.uk they are not cheap!!!!....but these are the cheapest I could find (they are all the same wherever you look, just different prices) and will be worth it if they keep the garden in a reasonable condition
  11. Absolutely!!! .......I really like John’s idea with the grass protecting mats....not cheap cos I think I’ll need 5 or 6 but worth a go , I’ll update with a result for those with similar issues
  12. I use flight cases similar to john from Maplins, they maybe expensive but they are worth every penny...very secure and keep your ep's very stable and safe, I have two and store everything in them, filters, etc. I think FLO sell them now
  13. The environment around my house leaves me no option but to set up on my back garden and specifically the lawn. Given the fact that global warming has led to increase rainfall (it hasn't stopped raining for a week now!!) I am conscious that the ground and lawn is sodden. I have put up with this in the past but it appears to be getting worse and I don't want to turn my lawn into a mud bath and ruin the lawn as I walk around the mount. I am considering pegging out a large plastic sheet and making some holes for the tripod legs to fit through to the ground below it. As I am hoping to keep the mount setup for much of the winter, this will be almost permanent through the winter. Does anyone have any experience of this??.....How did it work for you??....does anyone have an alternative solution (without involving concrete or slabs) or is there a retail solution anyone can suggest Thanks guys Darren
  14. Hey everyone, This is my first post for about 4 years, used to be a regular on here but work/family/expensive holidays and life in general got in the way and i turned away from the hobby for a few years......but now I'm back and keen to get going again now i'm due to retire in a couple of years and all the time that brings!!! A bit of advice for anyone thinking of making a break.....don't!!......you won't believe how quickly you lose your knowledge, I feel like I'm starting again so expect a lot of questions......anyway, good to be back!!!......Clear Skies!!
  15. Starting position is usefull. I don't observe much to the North so I start with the focuser pointing down. Much of the time (not all the time depending on which direction you slew in) when I slew to the South, the focuser ends up in a reasobly comfortable position, or at the very least I don't have to spin the tube much
  16. Lets not forget the pub for tea on the first night Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  17. Sorry Wookie didn't mean to sound sarcastic. That's the problem with text conversation. We always have a good time, even without clear skies but with a bit of luck we will hAve both Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  18. Yeh I'm also gonna provide a torch to your pitch and an ice cream at the interval lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  19. You'll get the welcome pack on arrival
  20. I can see the OP's point. I went to Ollies place couple of years ago (France)......and there were far too many stars!!!! :confused: Without him I wouldn't have found anything.....however, I would much prefer his problem to mine....too much light pollution :mad:
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