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Help! What can I see?

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Hi, I hope this is allowed. I took this photo today from the north of the UK around 5.40pm. The zoomed in image shows what has been picked up by long exposure. I took 2 images in the same place seconds after each other and this had moved down around 3cm (screen measurements). Could anyone give an idea of what this could be? Possibly noise but I would love to find out. 




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It looks like it lies in the vicinity of Alkura a star in Cepheus. Your objects don’t appear in SkySafari.

How was the image taken? Could it be plane lights? 



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9 minutes ago, Ouroboros said:

It looks like it lies in the vicinity of Alkura a star in Cepheus. Your objects don’t appear in SkySafari.

How was the image taken? Could it be plane lights? 



I don’t believe so as it couldn’t be seen with the naked eye and it was quite dark out. This was picked upon a 10 second long exposure. For the distance it shows I also believe plane lights would have shown up much smaller. I could put it down to blur if the other stars in the photo weren’t so clear. Strange that this is the only one with slight ‘distortion’. Really appreciate your response.

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13 hours ago, Ouroboros said:

Was this one of a series of photos? Presumably no sign of the feature on the other pics I suppose.

If not an aircraft of some kind then what?  

I took 2 photos from the same place. Around 10 seconds apart and it had moved downwards. I have attached both photos. The first photo was only a short exposure hence why not much has been picked up however you can still see the object. The second was taken in the same place and it can be seen much lower. 



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