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8.5" Fullerscope De Luxe

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I was about to start a thread on my new Fullerscopes MkIV project but then this came up on ebay and I won it for the grand sum of £20 😎  One quick hop to Somerset later and it's another project to enjoy.  The telescope is, according to the 1965 catalogue, an 8.5" De Luxe model with signed Henry Wildey mirror (dated Aug 1974 so hopefully his eyesight was still good).  The mirror is in amazing condition given the time is has spent in a shed and doesn't even need a clean.  The focuser is an Irving threaded RAS type and very smooth,: there a couple of brass eyepieces, a barlow and a 20mm ortho.  The tube is grey plastic with a door and comes with mirror covers for the primary and secondary.  There are lots of things that need cleaning, repairing or repainting but I've done enough to set it up and take some photos. The supplied mount is totally seized but luckily I already have one which has been stripped ready for wrinkle paint.  I managed a rough collimation but there is currently insufficient travel in the springs to hold the mirror firm in all positions.  The whole thing looked like a bit of a wreck in the advert and I wasn't exactly sure which model it was - I only really needed the tube rings (for another project) but the pier is handy and I'm really thrilled with the mirror for twenty pounds!  I love these old rigs and have enjoyed reading every Fullerscopes thread and blog on the web so I hope everyone will enjoy seeing a new one.  Best wishes, Guy











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What a great find for £20, in very good condition for its age, a good 'patina' I think they say. 

My Fullerscope is about 6 or 7 years younger but shares a lot of the features. With a few modern upgrades it makes a superb planetary/lunar scope. 

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Bargain is an understatement Guy.  A couple of years ago I paid, I think , around £30 for an 8" Henry Wilder mirror. Everything else in this project is to be sourced, so don't hold your breath, it could take a decade.

Congratulations, what a find !

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Looks great - and similar to my 6" Fullerscope Newt from the 70's ! I've used that for so many years, even without a motor drive and poor polar alignment (how on earth anyone was expected to get that accurate with just a big bolt to connect the mounting to the pier ?)

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They are  brilliant, i've had one for about 15yrs, the mount has been left out in all weathers, I just give it lick of metal paint every couple of years, I have mine rotating, I used a couple of embroidery hoops fixed to the tube  in front of the scope rings and a couple behind the back ring, I leave the rings quite loose and hey presto, no more visits to the physio for a twisted neck !, seriously though, great find. I had a download address for the manual but I can't remember it, if I do I'll post it on here for you.


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