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  1. I'm now not so sad about it being cloudy where I am.
  2. Yes, I think I've lost my plossls.
  3. I agree, especially when coupled with an AZ100. It's so easy to set up, and accurate, so I know that I'm looking in the right place. With Bortle 8 skies, I know that if the target is not visible, it's not because I'm looking in the wrong place.
  4. And I'm just one short of the full set of Apollos.
  5. I’m a bit puzzled because my gear transferred across automatically. Or maybe it was logging into Livesky that enabled it.
  6. I have had one of these for about 6 months, and I'm pleased with it. It fits all the 1 1/4" Naglers and Panoptics, plus a powermate. Because it's quite deep, I can double stack some Delites as well. So a lot fits in a compact space, and it's padded well enough for my needs.
  7. Is this the sort of thing you are looking for? https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/white-light-filters.html There are plenty of other suppliers.
  8. For the money, this looks like a fun travelscope, so I bought one. My main issue with it is there is a lot of backlash on the focuser. I can't see if there is a way to adjust it.
  9. Seems to me that the item in question was on an ebay auction. Anyone here could have bid and won. The fact that a dealer took a risk (the description of the set of eyepieces didn't inspire confidence that the set would be in great condition) and then is able to onsell them at a decent profit is just part of everyday life.
  10. Plenty of action again today, although prominences not so prominent as yesterday.
  11. The sun was fabulous this morning, in both white light and Hα, including a huge but faint prominence.
  12. I used socket head button screws and thin nuts. The pans stack inside each other, else I would have used cap srews but here wasn't enough room. ALl A4 stainless.
  13. You may thank us one day. For example, I was recently able to fix a set of cooking saucepans, of which the rivets holding the handles had failed, because of my extensive set of stainless steel fasteners. I got quite a few brownie points for that.
  14. It might have been me that posted about the WDS catalogue. I have also had great experiences with Accu for fasteners and related kit. https://www.accu.co.uk/en/ I've had items ordered on a Sunday delivered the next day, even though I opted for standard delivery.
  15. The lens unit says "Fluorite Lens by Canon Optron Inc". Canon Optron is a specialist subsidiary of Canon Inc. I agree with your point about the price differential with the 90mm. Barring the lens, I think the only difference between the 90 and the 107 is the bigger lens housing for the latter. The tube components, focusser, rings and dovetail are the same.
  16. I've not had the chance to take mine anywhere yet, but it is quite compact.
  17. Thre is an adapter https://www.berlebach.de/en/?bereich=details&id=670
  18. M31 is fairly easy to find. My technique at this time of year, when Andromeda is rising in the east is to start from the square of Pegasus, head left into Andromeda. When you come to the 3 stars heading up, M31 is just a bit further up and to the right of the topmost star. The attached image might help. M31.pdf
  19. I too have not seen anything on this topic, and I have no direct experience to fall back on since I have never observed from a truly dark location. However, just as one doesn't get light pollution from the sun during the hours of astronominal night (conventionally when the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon), there will be similar effect with the moon. My guess is that it wouldn't need to be so far below the horizon for it to not contribute to sky brightening.
  20. I'm not sure the illuminated reticle is worth the extra money, unless you have very dark skies. On the other hand you get a complete package that screws onto the C8 without you needing to buy a finder shoe, and it is in stock per the FLO website.
  21. Have you tried this company? http://binocular-repair.co.uk/ I don't know anything about them other than what's on their website.
  22. In my case, I have removed the cover quite freqently, and replaced it from time to time. I expect I will bring the mount inside from October to April.
  23. I agree. I tried to learn general relativity from "Gravitation & Cosmology" and it was very hard work. On the other hand that book was a lot lighter than Gravitation by Misner, Thorne & Wheeler.
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