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  1. I had some experience with the 6 last Summer, in a reasonably, but not amazingly dark part of France (bortle 4). I was impressed with the pointing accuracy after a 2 star alignment, but more importantly every deep object we looked at was easily visible. Admittedly, only looking at messier objects, but even so galaxies that that I can never see from my Bootle 8 skies with a C8, were just there. And it's lightweight. My only criticism is that the tripod is too low.
  2. Do you recall what make of Barlow? As I said, I couldn't get focus with the coronada one. Equally likely is user error.
  3. I have now tried the coronado barlow, but without success. I will keep on experimenting.
  4. No, not yet. I will give it a go. Thanks
  5. I have a canon M camera, and I was trying to use it for some imaging with my PST. I have the T ring so connection to the PST is not a problem. Starting with the camera my set up is Camera -> EFM to EF converter -> T-ring -> T adaptor (1.25") -> PST I can't get anywhere near focus. Any thoughts on what I should try next or am I doomed to fail on this approach? Thanks
  6. Crescent Venus: Iphone 8 handheld, through TV76.
  7. I got a good naked eye view on Sunday night (24/5), although Mercury was barely visible until Venus was practically lost in the horizon glow. It was a lovely combination with the 2 day moon. Venus's crescent was unmissable in 10x42 bins and a great sight in my TV76. I guess the skies over London have benefitted from the lockdown, and improved visibility. Being to the east of the city, anything other than the brightest object is normally barely visible in the western sky. I will post some iphone pics when I have transferred them.
  8. If this is what you need, you can have it for the price of postage, although I'm not sure when I will be able to get to a post office. It's missing 2 screws, but has the springy thing.
  9. I'm trying again this morning, but really struggling with the focus. I wish I knew what I did yesterday!
  10. I wasn't expecting much this evening, as I'm better placed for morning viewing, but with only a few weeks to the solstice (where did this spring go?) I get to see the evening sun. A bit of cropping, and tweeking. This hand held thing is really tough.
  11. What is the spacing between the holes on the saddle?
  12. I love my UNI 28. I think when I die, I'll ask for it to be buried with me.
  13. It's not hard to use the shadow of the scope, by minimising it, to get a decent alignment, with final tweaking using the finder to project a large out of focus image of the sun on to something handy - such as a piece of paper or the telescope handset.
  14. My best views are to the North and East, so an evening Venus is a challenge (plus it would be over central London). It finally dawned on me that if I did an alignment on the sun on my goto, then I could find Venus easily in the daytime. OK this is not premier league imaging, but it's a start (iphone held at lens; 2.5mm Nagler with TV76).
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