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  1. It just needs a saddle and then clamp your dovetail to it. Job done.
  2. Yes, I use it with the Nexus II. But I think you can also use the DSC. I have used it with an TMB/LZOS/APM 105/650, loaded with 50mm finder, 2" diagonal and whatever eypiece without a problem. BTW, I have been using a Giro 2 for 20 years or so, and it's still a great performer. The counterweight is probably need for 6kg+, to get the smoothest result.
  3. The Tecnosky elle v2 is also a possibility. Tripod mount, encoders and Nexus controller is a good combo.
  4. I stand corrected. However they are flat, and as you tighten the collar, they don't tilt, unlike some other brands.
  5. One thing to note about the TV everbrite is that the nosepiece is not undercut (or sloping) which ensures a snug fit in compression fittings.
  6. The Matrix book looks interesting if it does what it claims to do.
  7. I too observe mostly from Bortle 8 skies. I'd say that M13 is much easier than M57. I think part of the problem is that M57 is so small, so (unless you have goto) it needs more magnification to identify, but then it's harder to find. It's a faint smudge in my C8, and I think an 80ED would be pushing it,
  8. I have astigmatism of 1.75diopters, and I find I don't need to wear my glasses (except for v low power daytime observing). However you will likely need to adjust the focus between you and your wife's viewing. BTW, the 6se is a great scope for visual observing, and small enough to take on holiday in a car - if we are allowed to go.
  9. Yes it was very pretty. Although I got some photos, the difference in brightness makes for a rather dull image..
  10. Looks like it has now moved to 19 March 2022!
  11. This was visible on Wednesday (29 July) or if not something in the same place. Likewise on Thursday. Today it was noticably longer (about 1/10th Solar diam at 8am, but maybe bigger as the reticle I was using is a bit cruddy). By 10.10 am the top end seemed to have detached from the base. Looking at the NISP views, it seems to have vanished (22.50 UT+1). Great while it lasted.
  12. Just a heads up that the viewing this morning is terrific, with a big spike prom particularly fine to the south east (hope that's the right way round), plus activity over the new sunpot that's rotating into view.
  13. Oldfort


    I ordered a dual vixen/Losmandy saddle on Monday evening (ie after closing time), and it arrived on Thursday (16 July) - not bad for Italy to UK. It's a sturdy but lightweight bit of kit. DHL was the courier. Excellent service all round.
  14. It was amazing to see both the comet and the noctilucent clouds. Here's my view (unprocessed) from Greenwich.
  15. I will second this. The other thing to try is to do your alignment using a reticle eyepiece, which makes it much easier to get the centreing right.
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