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EP38 - Sunday, 28th February 2021 7:30pm GMT - Show & Tell / Q&A Session


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We are trying something a little different this week 🙂 Instead of a speaker, we are going to host a show & tell / Q&A chit-chat session where hopefully you might want to share any recent images you have taken, any tips / tricks you've discovered in software or just share with us what projects DIY / Imaging / Observing you might be working on. This is also a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have and hopefully somebody in the group can answer 🙂

Me and Daz will host and keep things flowing and will have some updates of our own on the forum software, some new functionality coming soon. I will also give an update on the Ikarus Observatory project and announce the winner of the recent imaging competition and launch our next data release with a sneak peak at the current work in progress. If weather allows we may even be able to do some live viewing from Spain 🙂

@MartinB will also hopefully let us know what the March imaging challenge is going to be.

Let's see how this goes and if it works well, we will do more regular sessions like this which will hopefully be more of a social than the speaker talks we have (which will also continue, you will be pleased to know we already have a great one booked for next week).

If anybody has any specific they want to share or ask feel free to let me know in advance otherwise we will play it loose on Sunday.

Look forwards to seeing you all there.

Meeting details below:

Topic: EP38 - Sunday, 28th February 2021 7:30pm GMT - Show & Tell / Q&A Session
Time: Feb 28, 2021 07:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 979 2665 2574
Passcode: 392501

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20 minutes ago, happy-kat said:

Straight ahead is East so that is South East, the light trail looks fairly vertical as the 150 degree lens is mounted facing the window as it is inside looking forward.

South east from where in the UK?

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I can't recall the member on the meeting tonight who had captured an unknown item, if this is the same thing.

Whilst I have not colour corrected the image the camera used was not filtered and is very sensitive to IR, the image as is has a green streak thin tail on the left and a blue edge to the right hand of the main flare.


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Thanks for the pointers on processing dual NB data. The format worked well I thought, numbers were down maybe, but it did coincide with a clear night. I have participated in similar open discussions and they can sometimes stray off for long periods into general chit-chat but tonight’s stayed on topic.

And a LRGB galaxy image coming from the IKI Observatory, good stuff!👍

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11 hours ago, happy-kat said:

I just looked at last nights captured allskeye and what is this.

28/02/2021 00:30:00 a horizontal crop of a 25 second image

-2021-02-28T00-36-53-428 UNKNOWN.png

Norman's was on the 25th January @ 21:12:28.

Great capture there though - there was a massive one last night as well that I've seen a lot of talk about this morning.

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The fireball is now listed there where 41 reported sightings but only one photo, the one captured by me on the makeshift camera setup.

logged as Event 1185-2021 on UKMON

Edited by happy-kat
added event log
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