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If you had £2k what scope would you get?


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Hey there everyone.

I'm still wet behind the ears learning to use my 6" reflector which I got only a month or so ago and although I'm amazed with how much I can see I'm already I'm fantasizing about what the view would be like throught an even better telescope.

Hence my above question. If you had £2k to blow, what would be your choice of telescope and why.

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Well, I would love one of these.

William Optics FLT 110 APO Triplet. It's touchy feely, and the quality is unquestionable I would say.

Depends on what you want to do I suppose. It will be more than a scope you need if you are starting from scratch though.

Some money needs to be put aside for extras to enhance your observing.

Ron. :(

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For me it would be a Skywatcher Equinox ED120 on a William Optics Ez-Touch alt-az mount on a tall tripod. That would leave enough change for a Tele Vue Ethos as well 8)

Interesting that all the suggestions so far have been for scopes with less aperture than yours has ...... thats the lure of the large APO refractor :(


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I was offered an Intes Micro MN86 for a very nice price by a mate the other week which I had to turn down unfortunately :( . But if I had 2K, I would have had that and another EQ6 to mount it on. That would make me one happy bunny.


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I would get a Equinox 120 on a WO EZtouch mount and tripod for planets and nearby stuff and still have enough left for a Skywatcher Flextube 12" or a 10" and a couple of extra eyepieces for the deep sky goodies.

Just my humble opinion

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If it was a scope only, and nothing else, I'd look around for a 12 inch Meade LX200 SCT secondhand.

You get pretty good optics, goto, & lots of light gathering power in one package, that you can use very nicely visually, and later use as the basis of a good all round imaging system. Add focal reducers fairly cheaply and you have a very versatile rig, both visually and photographically.

The lovely apos mentioned, if you're using your eyes, are simply of too small an aperture to see very much through unfortunately, apart from bright stuff like the moon etc.



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