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  1. Our Celestron CPC 800 will not obey the up. down, left right computer controls. It's not been used for a year and now it seems to have gone funny. Any suggestions.
  2. Continuing this theme the up,down, right, left buttons on my Celestron CPC have stopped making the scope move. I assume something is broken or seized up. Any suggestions.
  3. Not Brian Cox. Have an apres PM lineup of Pete Lawrence and his mate Abel. They seem to work well together, are enthusiastic, [removed word] but nerdy enough to fit in but still hold interest. Chris Lintott could do his bits but he is too serious to deliver the program in the current age. Do the whole thing from Farthings in the preserved study complete with PM in full sized form looming from a glass case in the corner complete with cat. Run it in its current slots. Then take it from there.
  4. I did one go and got two pins - one ten miles from the other. Can I get rid of one somehow?
  5. Being a large chap and liking to wear multi layers I buy stuff from another group who use products produced by smudgeline. This firm produce labled goods for a number of different groups. For my group the stuff produced has a large size range and in the size their stuff is large too. Maybe you could contact them to do Stargazers stuff including the personalised name, logo and choice of colours. (The personalised name bit gets confusing when you wear your wifes and she wears yours!) The firms address is sam@smudgeonline.co.uk and (for example) they do sweatshirts with logo and name in various c
  6. With Solarscope you pay more but you get the best. As someone once said if James Bond drove a solar telescope he would drive a solarscope.
  7. I read somewhere that young people like a scope that looks like a scope - which means a refractor. I see First LIght do a sky watcher one on a basic mount for under £100. Add the odd book and star chart to that and it could work out. If she likes the hobby then she will figure what she wants next...
  8. I saw the spot the flare etc. is assosiated with through a PST today - big one. Unfortunately it's too windy and cloudy to get the big guns out still the spot looked good.
  9. I've always found you get good sunsets (or mor pollution) to the west of certain towns like Crewe, Wrexham and so on than in other places. To our west last night a bit of red but not much and a very thin layer of stuff (hardly enough to even show red high up. It was a bit the same looking at the sun today - the sky was blue but slightly off blue and the sun (in H-alpha) not quite crisp or as bright as on a real blue sky day. Nice shots though.
  10. It's so long ago I have no recolection of why. Dad read scifi I started reading some. So maybe there is a link. Mind you dad also read what were then slightly sexy books and collected the odd unabriged victorian one. Later you could buy these at Smiths Waterloo with whole chapters there that were obviously cut from the originals. Still reading scifi as a kid was easier than the other stuff - a lot of which I never got till years later. So it was scifi - space and I learned that looking up at the stars is fun. Amazing how many people think you are nuts to look at the stars yet there they are w
  11. We have been following the various groups for the last week and managed to see them around 11 gmt (universal) this morning though there was a bit of misty cloud about. We found the three groups of fan like to the east of the dino a bit like volcano spouts and the main biggy a bit like a dinosaur with a pile of stuff behind it (it even had 4 legs). It's interesting that the 3 volcanos spouts have really looked 3 dimensional with, on earlier days the 'smoke' blowing across the surface back towards the east. (on filament further north and nearer the edge was doing a similar effect this morning. T
  12. This morning at 2am the seeing was amazing. Stars upon stars up there and so clear. We live in the country so would hope for good seeing BUT. All round the horizon, up to 30 degrees in places, it was like dawn with the lights in local villages and on road 'danger spots'. We have watched the lights get worse and worse over the last many years. The police don't help as they have a campagn going which (mis) informs that lights on outside makes thieves go elsewhere. (They do - most thieves operate in villages and country round us in the daylight as in our lightless area they get lost at night.) T
  13. We had PSTs and found them incredible value for view. We added a double stack piece and things got even better with prominances and loads of surface detail too. Then we had a small legacy and wondered what to do with it. It is said that one sun scope gets as much use as 2 or three night scopes and the sun - even when not doing much - is still varied enough to keep you staring as it changes almost by the minute. And change it does - often when others get bad weather and we get a gap we see an effect that never appears or seems to get noticed and remarked on even in sunny countries. It will be
  14. Today the proms look even better. The one heading over the edge has its 'smoke' blowing back over the suns surface just like a chimney smoke in the wind. Another filament is bent like a sun dial and a shadow. For a minute - being stupid I forgot I nam looking at the sun and wondered where the light to make the shadow was from. Now the cloud is in - so the eyeball can recover.
  15. Of course - when the Chinese reach the moon and set up bases there the US press will be yelling for them to do it to. But by then it will be to late. Still polititians will be polititians. So - is there a chinese Bruce Willis plus crew of heros for the next man in space movie or will Hollywood forget space too. As to the cancellation - O bumma!
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