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  1. I know someone said above it was in the North, but I can remember looking out my bedroom window (well hanging out having a smoke actually) staring at it and my bedroom window looks east. Thanks for all the replies
  2. It was definately halleys I remember, but only because of all the hype, I was only a kid and I don't actually remember seeing it myself. But I knew there had been another one and I think you're right it was hyakutake. So if panstarrs is no good from the Northern Hemisphere then whens the next one which is likely to be good for the UK? Or even better is there a website you're checking for this info? Thanks
  3. Hey there, just as the title says I'm wondering when the next big, visable with the naked eye (or at least impressive through bins or a small scope) will be. I know comet garrard is around at the moment but I've heard it's not much more than a blur through a scope. Whereas both halleys and hale bop were awesome to look at with the naked eye. thanks
  4. After thinking about it I can see I was a bit naive thinking I'd be able to see planets properly with a pair of bins. I know the telescope I have gives good views of the planets and that it's relatively compact but it's still too big and fragile for lumping around when you're carrying other stuff too. I guess what I want is to know what would be the best for me that has high magnification, maybe a bit waterproof, would do the moon justice but doesn't require a tripod? thanks
  5. Hey there Since I've got my telescope back at xmas I've decided that I like to look at planets more than anything else. Also I like to camp and hike and sometimes it'd be nice to have a pair of binoculars or a telescope with me for looking at the scenery or even trying to spot someone on the side of a hill. So basically I'm wondering... firstly if i'd be better off with a telescope or a pair of bins and secondly what kind of money am I going to be paying for a something thats rugged enuf/not too heavy to be carried about.
  6. thanks for that guys, makes perfect sense now. Very much looking forward to Jupiter's opposition on 14th Aug in that case
  7. Humble apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I did a search and couldn't find anything. Basically I've got my first sky@night magazine this month and when it was talking about Mars and Jupiter it mentioned conjunction and opposition. What exactly do those terms mean? Thanks
  8. Whilst surfing around I have (partially) answered my own question... Science :: Twellow is a list of pretty interesting people to follow on twitter - all science stuff
  9. Hi there, title says it all really. Just recently signed up on twitter and struggling to find anyone who has anything interesting to say on it. I'm wondering if there are any interesting scientists that anyone else follows?
  10. Hi there, after being a bit dissappointed with not ever managing to get a good clear night during the time recently when the comet lulin was visable, I've had my interest in comets in general peaked. I know that sometimes we don't know when comets will appear because their orbit is so vast they might have last come around when the human race hadn't heard the starter pistol but I'm wondering if any comet watchers on here can direct me to the best place to find out first about whats coming up. Wheres the best place to find out? thanks
  11. Search lights pointing into the sky tend to come either from night clubs or airports from my experience.
  12. I quite fancy a go in the spaceship that Mr Spoon used to visit button moon. It's cheap but functional
  13. My first view of saturn was only about a couple of months or so ago and it was absolutely fantastic. Since then I've read a few times on here people saying they can't wait until the rings open up again because it looks so much better. But I can't believe it will look that much more impressive. For me it looks absolutely awe inspiring as it is! Surely it can't look that much better!
  14. I've been waiting patiently for the dense cloud that seems to always be over Belfast to lift so I can have a look for it. It's nice and sunny and clear now, and hopefully it's going to stay that way and if so I'll be out after the footie tonight.
  15. One thing I've noticed with my goto (and baring in mind I'm very new to all this so I could be wrong) but you seem to need a really wide view of the sky to align it. The stars you align to seem to need to be very far apart so if you can only see one part of the sky from your position you might not be able to align it correctly. Perhaps someone more authoratitive could confirm/deny
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