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New scope budget has been reduced!!

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No you have to decide whether to go for the boring old blue tube Skywatcher so it looks like you've bought a Startravel 102. Or go with the gold tube/white fittings which looks a little odd. Why couldn't Synta come up with some nicer colours for the ED's? Plain black would be perfect!

Good luck with your choice. I agree with Martin, £50 is lost in the budget very quickly.


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I emailed that one yesterday and it had already gone!!.. nice try. I have now read and taken in the details on the 66 semi. I've emailed the guy to see if its still avaialble.

I just can't bring myself to buy a GOLD (bling,bling) skywatcher OTA....ED or not!.. just can't do it.

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One last hope of a good ED!!! :lol:


Unreal price!!.. awaiting reply that they will ship this to me (the standard UK ship rate is $56)... this makes it a real bargin (if this is the case. Just picked up a few reviews, they seem to like it.

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Yes they say spotting scope the review I read said its basically an ED80 in a nice Black tube!!!.

Anyway, I've started email dicussions on buying a WO scope with them now... they seem nice people and are happy to ship!! (looking to save £100)


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