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  1. Don't give my secrets away they will all be doing it!!! Darron
  2. Thats a bit more technical than placing it in an open book and aiming it at the wall!! Darron
  3. Seems to be Naz £37 from Skies & Scopes Darron
  4. Well after 3 weeks of waiting it finally arrived this morning! Read the instructions and thought wot!! Gave it a go this afternoon. Took the primary mirror out, gave it a quick polish, made a paper mask and stuck a small sticky paper doughnut in the centre of the mirror. Centred the collimator in the eyepiece holder with one wrap of masking tap around the collimator. Switched the laser on. That much out of collimation that the beam misses the secondary mirror after hitting the primary mirror. A few turns of the adjusting screws of the secondary mirror and the beam is in the centre of the doughnut in the primary mirror!!! Slackened the fixing screws of the primary, a few turns of the adjusting screws and the beam is targeted on the collimator. Tighten up the fixing screws and the job is a good one. Just needs to stay cloud free tonight and see how good the scope actually is. Collimation :pottytrain3: P.O.P. :pottytrain3: don't know what I was so worried about. Darron
  5. Had an email today saying that they are moving premises, that has taken up most of their time, things should get back to normal next week, they are sorry for the delay, and if I wish to cancel my order, I can do so. Darron
  6. I ordered a laser collimator on Tuesday, not arrived by Friday morning, emailed then and just got the automated responce. Order things in the past and had next day, or the day after delivery. Darron
  7. It has here in Retford, with heavy rain as well. Early night and lots of sleep tonight!! Darron
  8. That is something new for me to view, thanks for the info. Darron
  9. Nice images, getting back up at 3.30, that is dedication to the art of imaging. Darron
  10. What magnification was that taken at? I saw it visually last night at 140x and it was just a faint fuzzy. Darron
  11. Clouds have rolled in here too. Managed an hour, gave up and going to bed! Darron
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