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Hi all,

Bought my first telescope 3 weeks ago celestron 114eq then last week upgraded to skywatcher 150p on a eq 3-2 mount, now I'm looking at upgrading the mount to a eq5 goto, my question is should I save for the eq 5 goto or just get the eq5 sooner then get the goto upgrade kit later, are the eq 5 goto and eq5 goto upgrade kit the same?do you end up with the same mount at the end of the upgrade or is it slightly diffrent? 



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8 hours ago, Jiggy 67 said:

Wow, you don’t hang around!! 😀 The EQ5 with the upgrade is the same as the EQ5 pro GoTo but be aware that the upgrade kit can be difficult to fit as the instructions are atrocious 

So the mount is exactly the same visually when  the upgrade kit is added? I though they may have been some diffrence I dont mind the fading around with an upgrade, and if it's exactly the same gives me more time to save for the upgrade too thanks for your replys guys much appreciated:)

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