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  1. Nerf_Caching

    M80 brighter than M4?

    My scope's FL is f/4, so using a 9mm Plossl, I'm using about 44x. Don't want the images to be too dim and blurry. That's the shortest FL eyepiece I have.
  2. Nerf_Caching

    M80 brighter than M4?

    I've tried to observe M107 and M68, but to no avail. Too diffuse and dim maybe?
  3. Nerf_Caching

    M80 brighter than M4?

    Managed to see M80 and M4 with 100mm reflector last night. Just wondering whether M80 is brighter and more concentrated than M4? It seems as though M4 was larger and more diffuse through the eyepiece. M80 was more concentrated and compact.
  4. Hi all, I've been using the orion skyscanner 100 for a while, and I haven't been experiencing any issues with collimation just yet. Just in case though, I was wondering if the primary mirror, which is fixed(no collimation screws), would get misaligned. If so, is there a way to realign it? Thanks!
  5. Nerf_Caching

    Skywatcher Heritage 100p

    If I recall correctly, I don't think M3 is anywhere near Sirius. Could you be looking at M41 instead? P.S.: I know this thread is a bit old, but anyway, yeah
  6. Nerf_Caching

    Dew shield on refractor telescope help

    I think it's removable on mine from what I've seen, but I just don't want to risk straining the lens cell if I have to take it off.
  7. Nerf_Caching

    Dew shield on refractor telescope help

    Will it hurt the lens cell if I pull it off? It fits on quite tightly from what I can tell. Just in case I need to get rid of some dust.
  8. Nerf_Caching

    Dew shield on refractor telescope help

    What exactly do you mean by "retractable"? Still trying to get things right
  9. Nerf_Caching

    Dew shield on refractor telescope help

    Celestron AstroMaster 70az. I've seen some YouTube unboxing vids of this scope and it seems that sometimes the dew shield is not on when you open the box, so hopefully I didn't mess up mine.
  10. I was just wondering if the dew shield on the front of my refractor telescope is a separate component, as in whether it is removable? Because I accidentally bumped the side of my telescope on something while moving it and the dew shield looked like it was out of position(I pushed it back into place). Thanks!
  11. Has anyone ever used this telescope? I've been thinking of having one as a smaller alternative to my current telescope. Is it worth it? Appreciate everyone's feedback, thanks!
  12. I also have this problem after trying to clean my eyepiece, though it still looks clear without any obvious marks in the way. Also, what do scratched eyepieces look like?
  13. Nerf_Caching

    Finding deep sky objects in light pollution

    Where I live, the few deep sky objects that are around are M50,42,78,79 and possibly the Pleiades and M1. All facing south. I've tried to track down M50 and M79. Are they too dim for my observing setting? I don't normally have a lot of time for observing.
  14. Saw the Orion nebula last night in all its glory, with a 70mm frac. Couldn't find other DSO's yet as I live in a very urbanised and light polluted part of Hong kong, especially with the reflection and glare of surrounding light sources off of my eyepieces, which make them hard to look through. Star hopping is not very effective with red dot finder and 45x magnification EP. I only know how to find Orion and Canis Major in the sky. Still got a long way to go. Any tips? Thanks!!
  15. Nerf_Caching

    Eyelash oils on eyepiece

    Guess I did it correctly. By the way, I wonder how durable eyepiece coatings are. There aren’t any obvious scratch marks on my eyepiece:)

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