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  1. Hi all thanks for the replies turned out when i was setting up i had everything plugged into my laptop at the startup this was causing conflicting issues with the NEQ6 and canon drivers, when checking device manager for the camera it stated further installation required, so when the camera was connected first it fully installed and worked perfect then i plugged the rest of my equipment it so all is sorted thank you
  2. Hi, My previous setup was a eq3-2 using a canon 1100D and a QHY guide came all worked great, I have no upgraded the mount to a NEQ6 Pro using a EQDir cable, I have downloaded ASCOM EQMOD and can control the mount through my laptop everything working great until i go to image, when my camera 1100D is connected to my laptop it constantly disconnects and reconnects, I've tried running everything on separate power sources no luck. I can run the guidescope and camera together and the guidescope and the mount together but when the mount and camera are connected the problem starts has anyone ha
  3. Ahh that'll be why then, my main issue was with the Orion guidescope and the focus of the QHY but just rigured didnt have enough adjustment and had no extender so ive used a old barlow and removed the lens to act as a extension tube and all focuses great now in sharpcap thank you for your reply peter thought it was broken at first cheers Harry
  4. Hi, currently having a few issues with the above camera, when i connect this in sharpcap everything is blurry out of focus this is when not connected to a telescope of any kind is this how it should be? I can get it focused when placing it in my telescopes eyepiece and use the focusing knobs no problem. currently trying to get this working with a Orion 50mm guide-scope and really struggling if anyone has any tips i would love to hear them Cheers
  5. Hi all, I've recently purchased a polar scope from FLO for my eq 3-2 mount, however I watched a video how to align it long story short one of the grub screws came out so I replaced these with other screws I no longer need a small Allen key for and now can adjust easier. My problem is when the last one came out so did the etched reticle which I placed straight back in but is this set in a certain position when tightened up it seems upside down should I move this around so when my mount is level 0 is at the top? Thanks harry
  6. Hi alien just had a quick look and the 60d is showing at 170-230 on mpb so within my price range so you would reccommend this instead? Thanks for the help
  7. Thanks all for the reply I've seen 600d thrown around alot but wasnt sure if there was a slightly better one within my price range I could get instead, think I'll go for that one thank you so much for your replies much appreciated
  8. Hi all, I'm currently totally new to all this, currently have a skywatcher 150p on a eq3 mount, my plan is to purchase the enhanced dual axis motors a polar scope and a dslr but looking through countless posts I'm unsure which to get, so hoping someone here could point me in the right direction, my current budget for a dslr is around £200 maybe stretch a little more any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you Harry
  9. So the mount is exactly the same visually when the upgrade kit is added? I though they may have been some diffrence I dont mind the fading around with an upgrade, and if it's exactly the same gives me more time to save for the upgrade too thanks for your replys guys much appreciated:)
  10. Hi all, Bought my first telescope 3 weeks ago celestron 114eq then last week upgraded to skywatcher 150p on a eq 3-2 mount, now I'm looking at upgrading the mount to a eq5 goto, my question is should I save for the eq 5 goto or just get the eq5 sooner then get the goto upgrade kit later, are the eq 5 goto and eq5 goto upgrade kit the same?do you end up with the same mount at the end of the upgrade or is it slightly diffrent? Cheers Harry
  11. Thanks for the link scousespacecadet
  12. Love the case skywatcher130 today I sold my celestron powerseeker and hopefully tommorrow I'll recive my skywatcher 150p then in 2 weeks I'll be picking up the starguiders, what are the stock 25mm and 10mm skywatcher eyepieces like thanks all for replies really need a case like that though lol
  13. Thank you all for your replies, I've ended up buying the skywatcher 150p before I saw the other comments, I'll also pick up some new eyepieces haswell next week and in a month or 2 I'll keep an eye out for other scopes as and when they pop up again thank you all
  14. Hi happy I do enjoy finding stuff searched for m65 m66 but kept getting lost was about to give up altogether and then found m13 so was really happy I think I'm going to leave the goto as I'm enjoying spinning around trying to find stuff nebulas clusters galaxys, only seen the moon as Saturn and Jupiter are too early for me atm, storage wise we have a large kitchen so it's near the doors so no problem with storage and straight out into the garden I'm enjoying using the eq mounts too, still lots to learn but will I see a big diffrence from a 114 to and 130-150-200 skywatcher or should I sti
  15. Hi all, I've recently purchase a Celestron powerseeker 114eq and really enjoying it so far, my next step was to purchase some new eyepieces was looking to get the BST Starguiders, however I am now wondering if i should purchase a new scope, my options would be skywatcher 130P/ DS 150P / PDS 200P, budget will be around £500 should i go for a GOTO version and save some more? is the GOTO something that can be fitted to the mount at a later date (sorry if a stupid question). Will i see a big difference with these telescopes vs what i have already? Is there diffrent scope you would recomm
  16. That's brilliant thank you both for your answers think I will stick with the BST's for now and maybe in time I'll look at zoom pieces thanks again
  17. Hi all, Just a quick question saw a previous post on here for the x-cel eye pieces vs the BST Starguiders was looking at getting a 25 mm and a 10-12mm but would any one reccomend a zoom lens 8-24mm are these any good? If so any particular make I should go for instead of the starguiders or should I just stick to my original plan of getting 2 starguider eyepieces Thanks all
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