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  1. Any Ideas?

    I get a similar effect if focus is off.
  2. Eq3Pro vs Heq5

    Well, my upgrade was from a (guided EQ2) to a CG5 (EQ5), mainly to have GOTO facility. For sure the CG5 produced tighter stars in the RA plane but, a big surprise to me, was the poorer performance in the DEC plane. The EQ2 has a paddle to control DEC direction, whereas the CG5 a worm gear. The EQ2 doesn't suffer from DEC backlash, but I continue to struggle with DEC backlash on the CG5. To carry the CG5 outside I remove the counterweight, a slight annoyance. In a bid to improve dithering (easy to dither with the EQ2 but I couldn't get DEC dithering to work on the CG5) and guiding accuracy, I converted the CG5 from regular SkyWatcher stepper motors to belt driven stepper motors using AstroEQ to drive them. That made a good improvement (30-40% perhaps) and allowed DEC dithering to work (just!). Of course GOTO is great and the CG5 produces better images (when DEC behaves), but the upgrade path isn't always what might be expected. Now with a bit more experience under my belt I'm becoming more and more inclined to get the EQ2 out and see what I can make it do on an easy to find target. Watch out EQ3 thread, I might post something again... Good luck nevertheless! Bob
  3. New Equipment =]

    Hi Tony, Looks like you have an interesting setup to build! I started out with a PI for guiding though moved on to Cartes du Ciel/PHD2/EQMOD/APT on a netbook via an AstroEQ to the mount stepper motors. I too have the Orion 50mm guide scope and an AR0130 camera for guiding (same chip as the ZWO ASI 120MC). I'm curious about the Astroberry as I can only find references to using it as an interface to a focuser. Does it interface to stepper motors for guiding too? Or will you be using ST4 pulse guiding to a hand controller? As far as using a Barlow - not a good idea for imaging. A Barlow in the imaging path will show guiding errors even more. No need for a Barlow in the guide scope. Bob
  4. M33 at last

    Super M33! Could you explain a bit more about the Ha and Red exposures - times for these are different but my limited understanding would expect them to be the same as Ha is presumably used for Red?
  5. Step Back and Take Stock

    I know exactly what you mean : following an upgrade from my imaging EQ2 to a CG5 earlier this year everything went well with improved images - at first.... The weather has meant not enough time to figure out what isn't going right, so I'm tempted to get the EQ2 out again and just point it at Orion!
  6. Worst Astro Image Ever? - SOLVED!

    Could the wire be glowing (a bit like a light bulb)?
  7. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Hi Nige, Just made my first Ha image : https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/304350-first-ha-image-california-nebula-as-hargb/ I understand what you mean about focusing. The easiest way for me to achieve this was to put the Bahtinov mask in place and take 20 sec subs, tweaking the focus between subs until it was ok. Not fast but works. Bob
  8. 1.25" Ha filter (12nm) arrived and screwed onto the coma corrector. 9 subs @ 960 secs used as luminance on RGB image taken a few days ago. Below are 2 images : HaRGB and original RGB (blurred a bit as it was noisy).
  9. M1 Crab Nebula WIP

    Developing very nicely. Remember the USB 2 cable length is specified to about 5m max.
  10. Hey Nige, perhaps you could start a new thread ' Beginning imaging with an Ha filter'. Note : Ha flter arrived today! Bob
  11. M82 and M81: First try.

    Lovely image. Flats will get rid of the light patch in the centre and make it look even better.
  12. Great detail Nige! I'm thinking along the same lines - Ha filter is on its way and I plan to try it out on the California Nebula as a HaRGB. Hope I can do as well as you! Bob
  13. The tripod for the Meade 130EQ takes a standard dovetail and so a plate such as the small one here can be used :https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-dovetail-mounting-plates.html to carry a camera on the tripod. As has been mentioned above a typical DSLR does not come to focus with the 130EQ scope due to lack of inward travel on the focuser. However, the adaptor on the focus tube can be replaced with a much slimmer adaptor to allow use with a DSLR only (not with eyepieces). I have tried the adaptor and it fits. It may just give enough additional inward travel with your camera, but needs a test. The adapter can be bought from ebay - search for '42-40mm Step Down Ring Filter Adapter for Camera'. See the images below. Hope this helps. Bob
  14. M1 Crab Nebula in HOO

    Textbook! Just love it.
  15. M42 + Running man

    One of the best I've seen for a while!