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If the OP's seeing conditions in Greece are similar to Florida's, he could very easily hit high power, but he might need a bigger telescope.  Here in Texas, when the skies are calm, 300x in my 15 inch is quite stable and usable and very similar to half that power in my 8 inch thanks to the exit pupil being about the same.

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Posted (edited)

So guys,what do you think i should do?6 or 7mm eyepiece?(btw today nice 300x on the moon)

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When I had my 8" F5 scope the best views of Jupiter and Saturn where with my 8mm BST x125 anything higher was watery.

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Wow! I take it all back.

I did say I'd only managed it once.

Out last night enjoying the moon.

The 6mm and the 2x barlow in the 8" were fantastic.

No problem with my eyelashes this time and little visible dust but the floaters were in evidence.

The conditions were almost perfect, there was the odd ripple across the surface of the moon.

I tried the 5mm and the 2x barlow (480x) and that too was surprisingly clear and steady.

The floaters do seem to have a mind of their own as they worsened as time went by and seemed to congregate in the centre of my vision.

I suppose that's why they call it a theoretical limit!

On the moon, at least, I've been able to push it as far as my eye pieces would allow me.

A very enjoyable evening and at a clarity I didn't think possible.

I know that doesn't help much with your decision, but I still rate the WO 6mm SPL very highly.

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I did have a view at around x400 in my 210mm last night with binoviewers and the quality was hanging in there. Amazing views. Binoviewers do help with floaters though.

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