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Eyepiece delema v.3 ( finnaly i spelled it correctly xD)

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Helloooooooooooo as many of you in the last post told me "this is certaintly not your last eyepiece delema" .Turns out you were right...

I am really weighing my options here!

Either i get 3 BST STARGUIDERS : 12 mm 8mm and (18 or 25mm)

or a Baader Hyperion ZOOM 8-24mm eyepiece. Both options seem very tempting... although the baader is significantly more expensive, it seems as a better option.

What do you think? 

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also can it work with every barlow lens or just with the specific one ? (Barlow lens for hyperion zoom)
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This is for use with the 200mm F/6 dobsonian you are getting ?

It's a difficult call really because the Baader zoom is very good but not optically better than the BST's and at the 24mm focal length the field of view is around 42 degrees so you would probably also want a 25-30mm eypiece as well for wider field observing.

The Baader zoom will work with any barlow as far as I know but the dedicated Baader one is very good quality.



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Yes it will be the 8" f/6 dob .All i care about is optic quality. Also there is a pretty nice discount with the bsts. Which wider fov low power eyepiece do you suggest that will compliment the f/6 ratio? around 40-60Euro range?

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The Vixen NPL 30mm would compliment the Baader zoom pretty well. You are not getting better optical quality than the BST's with the Baader Zoom though but the convenience is very nice to have.

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10 minutes ago, Kronos831 said:

Thanks ! Will the VIxen compliment well with the BST Barlow as well?(thats what i am getting now) (as i have settled with buying the BSTS)

Not really - barlowing long focal length eyepieces does not work that well. The barlow pushes the eye relief (postion that the eye needs to be in) outwards so you can end up having to "Hover" your eye over the top of the eyepiece which is not comfortable and also lets stray light get onto the top lens of the eyepiece which reduces contrast.

Also, if you go for the 25mm BST, the 30mm Vixen shows little or no additional field of view.

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5 minutes ago, Kronos831 said:

Okay! Its just that i ve heard that the 25mm isnt good with the f/6 F ratio. Is this true or not?
Sooo better go with the vixen or bst?

The 25mm BST is not the strongest in the set but I've never compared it with a Vixen NPL 30 so I can't really say which would be the best corrected at F/6. I have owned both but just not at the same time !. Probably quite a close call - at F/6 neither would be perfect but neither would be awful either, probably.

Flip a coin ? :smiley:




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I'd probably get the 5mm, 8mm, 12mm, and 25mm BST Starguiders to get the 15% discount and have a nice spread of magnifications (240x, 150x, 100x, and 48x).  With the 5mm, there won't really be any reason to get a barlow lens for very high power views.  The only things that would still be missing would be that widest field 2" eyepiece and something in the 70x to 80x mid-power range.

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