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  1. Very useful books Making Every Photon Count - Steve Richards, Dark Art or Magic Bullet - Steve Richards
  2. A Mega parsec I think is 3.26 million light years, so if correct I'm not overly concerned.
  3. Hiya Jon, a warm welcome to SGL from a fellow Lancastrian. Tim
  4. Cuivenion, we all tend to push the boundaries of our data which is no bad thing, helps to see what we have in there. You could give the data to 100 people and you would get a 100 differing images. I think it is a belter of an image, likely one of the best I've seen using the Takumar lens (IMHO). I wasn't aware there are at least 3 SGL members in the Lancaster area, but you live and learn. I look forward to seeing more from your set up. cheers Tim
  5. Hiya Curivenion Three moonless clear nights in a row! That is a rarity for us, (I must have slept through them.) That is a cracking capture with your 200mm Takumar and Canon EOS 600D, some very nice detail in there, good shaped stars in the centre of the field, the background looks nice and neutral, and you have pulled the dust lanes out nicely and controlled the core. For me (by no means am I an expert of anything) it seems a tad over colour saturated and a bit reddish / orange. Looking at your image and large amount of work/dedication you have put into it, you have encourage me to get out and be braver with the use my Takumar lens and Canon EOS so thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing your peltier cooling mod if you go down that route. Tim
  6. Gav, cracking image nicely processed. I found this; handy to compair what you actually have in your image. (APOD)
  7. I like that, great work, nicely rendered
  8. Yes likely Kendal, the only other large light source looking south is Lancaster.
  9. I look forward to you having a go at this corner, your going to need plenty of integration time on those, good luck. Tim
  10. That is a cracking capture and very nicely processed too, still looks good when pixel peeping. nice one! Tim
  11. simply stunning. Great depth to it. Tim
  12. looks like a face and two hands to me with one hand pushed forward to block the camera lens. likely just a mistimed photo. ?
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