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  1. simply stunning. Great depth to it. Tim
  2. looks like a face and two hands to me with one hand pushed forward to block the camera lens. likely just a mistimed photo. ?
  3. That's looking really good, what spacing are you at? Tim
  4. both are excellent images. I much prefer image 'A', to me it is much richer in colour, contrast and sharpness, the stars also seem tighter, I do prefer the blue stars in image 'B' not as intense blue and halos much reduced. Just my opinion as asked. two cracking images. Tim
  5. That's good news. Glad everything is coming together for you like me your just waiting for a good weather run to test it all out fully.
  6. M48 adaptor fitted to focus tube, OVL FF and 5mm spacer fitted (pack of spacers available in case I need more, to fine tune), grub screws replaced with thumb screws. So good to go, thanks for the info all. Ok who sorts the weather out then. Tim
  7. Cracking image, some great depth to it. well worth the faff. Tim
  8. I would agree; looks like a Dark Star 8" Dob.
  9. Neil, thanks for the info much appreciated. just swapped out the grub screws for thumb screws in the DSLR-M48 adapter, works a treat. Now to order some M3 thumb screws for the DSLR -T2 adapter. Much much cheaper than a bought rotater! A big shout out 'Nice one Grumman' Tim
  10. That's good news, it's a great scope. hope all goes well with the testing. sorry can't help with the spacings, I will be using a Canon 450D and OVL FF, and just ordered a threaded 5mm spacer, so like you will testing when it arrives along with the great UK weather. Tim
  11. Ray have you tried this system yet? I have just recieved two packs (4 in each) of 2.5mm thumb screws from China so will have a go at swopping out the grub screws on the DSLR-M48 Ring Adapter and Canon EOS T ring adapter. Not sure what size the grub screws are for the Canon EOS T ring adapter, do you have any idea what they are? Tim
  12. Have a look here might help. https://openphdguiding.org/manual/?section=Trouble_shooting.htm#Problems-_Alerts This is a cut from that section: Alert Messages PHD2 will sometimes display alert messages at the top of the main display window. These generally show error or diagnostic information that warrant your attention. During normal operation, you probably won't see any of these, but if you do, this section can help you decide what to do about them. Dark-library and Bad-pixel Map Alerts "Use a Dark Library or a Bad-pixel Map" - using a dark library or bad-pixel map reduces the likelihood that PHD2 will mistakenly identify hot pixels or some other image defect as a star. If you choose to ignore this message, you'll be vulnerable to situations where PHD2 inadvertently switches from the guide star to a hot pixel and no longer guides correctly. Format/geometry mismatches - dark frames and bad-pixel maps must match the format of the sensor in the camera being used. If you've changed the camera in an existing profile, the existing dark/bpm files will not be usable and you'll see this alert message. To avoid seeing the message, you should instead create a new profile when you change cameras. You'll still need to shoot new darks or bpms, but you can keep the old files for use with the original camera. In very unusual circumstances, you may see this message when either the driver or PHD2 code for handling the camera has changed. You might also see a format-incompatibility alert message if you have an old dark library that has somehow accumulated frames with different sensor formats. In any of these cases, you should rebuild the dark library or bad-pixel map from scratch - more information can be found here: Dark Frames and Bad-pixel Maps Tim
  13. PHD section on Bad pixal maps. https://openphdguiding.org/manual/?section=Darks_BadPixel_Maps.htm hope you get it sorted. Tim
  14. Graeme, I hope you don't mind but I had go at processing the image you posted, I have sent you the results . Tim
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