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  1. Richard, just in case your not aware, you have posted on a very old thread.
  2. Hi Keefs, I use canon, so not much help for you, I did found this Q&A page, see Josh's work around. https://havecamerawilltravel.com/photographer/nikon-d3500-questions-answers/ Another work around for the lack of a compatable intervolometer is using SnapBridge with Auto Clicker (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.truedevelopersstudio.automatictap.autoclicker&hl=en_US) hope that helps a bit. Tim
  3. Given the conditions you were shooting through, it's a good image.
  4. there is only 286 signed up! thought there might have been a lot more, but Heyho. Petition signed....
  5. Yes you are Steve, and you shalt suffer the UV sores for it!
  6. If it is not connected to anything other than the laptop and sharpcap then just light and dark maybe a bit of colour if you point it at your monitor is all you will see. When I had the 880 I checked it in daylight by placing it in 80 mm refractor with the telescope end cap on with a 1/4'' hole in the middle of it, turned the gain down on the camera and focused on a distant tree line.
  7. Stevie, who ever said that statement is talking Rubbish, IMHO!, myself and many others use the 200P for imaging, granted most are on EQ mounts. just do a search in the imaging section on here '200P imaging' will bring many, many images and from this you can also see the equipment used. Use what you have to learn the basics and hopefully improve and get the best out of what you have before considering moving on. IMHO! HTH's Tim
  8. Yes I know what you mean, it's a busy old spot in Cygnus. You'll likely lose the interest from you original image. However I look forward to how you manage it, good luck and clear skies.
  9. Great image Tim, for some reason (don't know why) I was expecting it to be a bit noisy at ISO 1600 - 10 min subs but plenty of them, how wrong was I. I unfortunately am working crazy 12 hour shifts so I'am missing these clear skies of late, but it's great looking at what other SGLers are doing. Do you plan to add any colour data at a later stage; weather permitting? Tim
  10. I think this is the one your after. http://www.covastro.org.uk/mira/mira-issue-83
  11. Thanks for the update. makes absolute sense, hope to be there in 2021.
  12. Hiya, try this link or give Yoddha a shout on that forum or on Here, sure he still has input through SGL. https://aptforum.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=1958
  13. Hiya alacant, I have the same lens and camera, and on the very very very rare occasions I have had the weather here in the UK to use them, I use a home made Lords focus mask (Y) shaped, it is made from small black plastic cable zip ties, with folds on the ends to fit over the lens. HTHs Tim
  14. Great! just put it on my calendar, looking forward to it. just need to save some pennies now for all the goodies.
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