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  1. Cozzy

    Enjoying astronomy

    Hiya Ash and welcome, have alook at the link below, lots to do in there. https://www.zooniverse.org/ Or why not have a go at processing astrophotography, theres plenty of data out there (may be on request) on here and free software to process is also available. All computer based stuff. hope that helps a bit, good luck. Tim
  2. Cozzy

    M 31

    Eric, thanks for your comment. Much appreciated. Tim
  3. Cozzy

    M 31

    Finally got a chance to have a go at processing this data gathered over a couple of nights in October (overdone everything I think). 1 hour 40 mins total @ 120 second subs, ISO 800, flats and dark's, using Modded Canon 450D through a SW72ED +OVL flattener, HEQ5, PHD guiding. Will have to go back to this, looks like I've Nuked it. looks great as a thumb nail. thanks for looking.
  4. Cozzy

    Dark frames for ZWO 120MC camera?

    Michael, you could use PHD to make a darks library, can't for the life of me remember what format it saves in. HTHs Tim
  5. I got my ED72 and OVL flattener from FLO a couple of weeks ago but did not have a EOS T2 adapter , which I now have, when I get the 'weather and work commitments to play ball' I will test and let you know how things go. Tim
  6. I think the SW ED72 is F5.8
  7. Cozzy

    I knew this would be a mistake...

    Now you gone and done it!!! welcome to the Dark Art
  8. Cozzy

    What did the postman bring?

    James I don't think SWMBO will agree with your a statement, I could send her round to you so you can ask for me
  9. Cozzy

    First Light Optics

    Great service yet again from FLO, they sent me a Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED DS-Pro OTA and OVL field flattener promptly and well packaged the only dissapointment was that my packaging did not have a 'May Contain Clouds' sticker on it. I was looking forward to the sticker it was the only reason I bought the scope seriously though thanks again Flo for a great service. Tim
  10. Cozzy

    What did the postman bring?

    The postman has just dropped off my Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED DS-Pro OTA and OVL field flattener. unfortunately I fly out to Spain in the morning so won't get a chance to use it till I'm back, but something to look forward to when I get back home
  11. Cozzy

    NGC6820 - finally a bit of data

    Yes that is a great image. there is a lot of data yet to pull out, IMHO you could try to lift the mid tones, lighten a touch, a bit of contrast and push the red over to the blue slightly to reduce that red a bit. just my opinion. Tim
  12. Cozzy

    New gear / question

    Or the objective lens closer to the eye piece. You could try removing the objective lens housing from the 9x50 and the locking ring, then replace the 9x50 objective lens housing without the locking ring in place, this may give you the extrea clearance you need. Tim
  13. Cozzy

    NGC7000 SHO

    Ola I apologise it looks perfect on my laptop screen here at home. I was viewing from an old company screen at work at the time of my original comment, so please accept my apologies for the rushed observation. Stunning image Tim

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