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Found 15 results

  1. From the album: Marci’s Astropix

    An absolute swine to capture with a full-spectrum camera full of pubes & no CLS filter, thus hoovers in Wakefield’s light pollution, hence this is a grayscale image (otherwise the entire thing is tinted in an unremovable orange that swamped out any natural colour). Only an hour of data... 15x 240s @ ISO800D, EOS1000D (modified), Explorer 200PDS
  2. From the album: Marci’s Astropix

    2hrs with EOS650D at 18Mp shooting visual colour range (240s subs @ ISO800), 1.5hrs with EOS1000D Full-spectrum-modified (no narrowband filters) at 10Mp (120s subs @ ISO800 as core blows out VERY easily in full spectrum). 5x dark frames and 20x bias frames for the EOS1000D session. No flats. Stacked in DSS 64bit with 2x drizzle, processed in Photoshop CC 2018 (very little needed doing to it to be honest, just pull the saturation up a bit to bring the colour out). This is a heavy crop hence the apparent low resolution of the final image. This was the last outing for the EOS650D before I killed it, hence no darks / bias applied to the subs from that camera - it died in process of taking it off mount to shoot darks etc whilst I packed everything else away.

    © M Coyles

  3. Hi everyone, Here is the Eastern Veil Nebula (NGC 6992/5), part of a large supernova remnant found in the constellation of Cygnus. You are looking at the wispy leftovers of a star 20 times more massive than our sun which exploded some 8000 years ago. Equipment: - Sky-Watcher 200PDS telescope - HEQ5 Pro mount - ZWO ASI1600MM camera for capture - ZWO filter wheel, Ha and Oiii filters - ZWO 120MM camera for autoguiding - ZWO finder-guider guidescope - Artesky flats box Acquisition: - 6th September 2019 from my garden in Glasgow, Scotland. - 50x120sec with Ha filter, unity gain - 50x120sec with Oiii filter, unity gain - 20 flats each filter and 20 darks - Controlled using Sequence Generator Pro Processing: - Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker - PixInsight dynamic crop, dynamic background extraction, pixelmath (to produce bicolour HOO image), colour calibration, SCNR, histogram transformation, curved transformation, star mask and star reduction, TGV denoise - Final denoise with Topaz Denoise and some touch ups in Lightroom. Future improvements: - More time on the target (less clouds). - Addition of comma corrector to my imaging train. - Create mosaic of the wider Veil nebula area. - Improve PixInsight processing workflow. More shots: https://www.instagram.com/glasgowastro
  4. Finally making progress with guiding and dithering and the autofocuser , sw200pds , modded canon 1000D , Eq6 belt mod -7x300sec 25 flats -25x Bias as darks
  5. Selling the big stuff to make room for some small ! My 200PDS and HEQ5Pro have got to go, changes in shifts and clouds mean I have been out twice in the last 10 months with this kit. Time for a change.... 200PDS -HEQ5Pro Synscan, bahtinov mask, 3 counterweights, accessory tray and a new power adapter as the original one was sporadic in keeping connection, had been using tape to keep it secure. The OTA is in really good condition with just a few marks from the clamp ring screws, this doesn't affect it whatsover. I've blacked out the drawtube against reflections. The mount is in very good order, the handset still has it's original screen cover ! Have also put this up on Astroy BS for the same price, which is £650 for the lot Lee
  6. Marci

    M31 - Andromeda Galaxy

    From the album: Marci’s Astropix

    My first foray into astrophotography... Canon EOS 650D, 200s subs @ISO400... no idea what total exposure was.
  7. Marci

    M33 - Triangulum

    From the album: Marci’s Astropix

    15x240s@ISO800 Colour (EOS650D) 15x240s@ISO800 HII (EOS1000D FSM + 12nm HII)
  8. Hi, First post on SGL so hello everyone and thanks for all your posts. They have helped me greatly to hit the ground running with my new hobby! This is my first ever DS image taken on 4th night out with my scope. I spent the first 3 sessions practising setting up, polar aligning and imaging moon etc. Last night I nearly never ventured out because of the moon and cloudy forecast but so glad I did! When aligning my finderscope I stumbled upon M45 and decided to give it a bash. Managed around 40subs before clouds rolled in and moon came up but very chuffed with my first result! Criticisms and advice more than welcome Image + Processing: M45 Pleiades 01/04/18, from back garden in southside of Glasgow ~40 x 30sec subs 10 Darks DSS + Photoshop (Messed with curves, levels and used Gradient Xterminator) Equipment: Skywatcher 200PDS HEQ5Pro mount CanonEOS1200d
  9. Selling my complete set up as I'm moving into imaging. Happy to split if it helps. Skywatcher 200pds with dual speed focuser, finderscope and all relevant dust caps. Synscan goto mount with polar scope. Cables, handset etc. I will even throw in a lazer colminator (boxed) see images This is a great kit for visual observations. All in mint condition, only slight wear to dovetail Bar and slight marks to counter weights and bar. All with original boxes and packaging. I've really looked after this. 200MM (8") F/5 PARABOLIC DUAL-SPEED GO-TO NEWTONIAN REFLECTOR The new Sky-Watcher EXPLORER-200PDS Newtonian Reflector incorporates the same superb mirror-set as the Explorer-200P Black Diamond Series, but with two significant advantages. A Dual-Speed 10:1 ratio focuser is now included for excellent focusing precision. Also the tube length has been slightly shortened to optimise performance for prime-focus photography. *Note: the Explorer-200PDS has a larger 58mm secondary mirror, for enhanced field illumination, compared to the Explorer-200P which has a 52mm secondary. Looking for £550 EQ5 £350 200pds £245 with Lazer Collimator £230 without Ideally collection preferred, but can arrange postage at cost. I'm located in Folkestone, Kent Message me for more information.
  10. From the album: Marci’s Astropix

    10x360s@ISO400 Ha (EOS1000D FSM + 12nm HII) 15x240s@ISO800 Colour (EOS650D)
  11. Hey guys it's me agaiinn. Recently I have been thinking about which telescope i should buy(its going to be my first telescope!!!!!) I have narrowed it down to 2 choices! The Skywatcher explorer 200p and the Skywatcher explorer 200pds I just can't seem to chose oneee. I want to do Astrophotography and i have heard that the Dual Speed focuser is going to help a lott. can someone please explain how? I m a total newbie and have just begun reading about Astrophotography. On the other hand i ve heard that some eyepiece s will need an extension tube to help them achieve focus (due to the secondary mirror placed closer to the primary) and i really want to see through the telescope my self.I dont know if the extra 140€ that i have to pay to get the focuser and the pds and eq5 (rather than just getting the 200p and eq5 combined ) is worth it .Does it really make that big of a difference?? I hipe somebody can help me Thanks -Kronos
  12. Hello all! Long time forum lurker here, 1st time poster, with an anecdote that underlines why I have no business owning a telescope and a request to all forum members who are brave enough to share any equally silly / stupid / embarrassing "learning curves" they have (or an unnamed friend may have had!) Whilst I've long been fascinated with the stars, it was only on my 30th birthday that I first looked through a telescope and marvelled at a new perspective on the universe. I was given a 76mm Skywatcher Reflector for my birthday, and spent 2 years looking at the moon and various stars through the supplied 10mm and 25mm eyepieces, sometimes coupled with the 2x Barlow and filters. Most viewing is from my garden at home in Essex, but it always joined me on car trips to my parents place in the middle of nowhere in France for some amazing viewing conditions. Having slowly learned some reference points to get me around the sky, it was after seeing a very grey fuzzy Jupiter through my 76mm, (that left the eye piece quicker than I could swap position to show my wife), that I finally got the “spend more see more bug”. After months of research on here, I took the step of upgrading to a Skywatcher 200PDS on a HEQ5 Pro SynScan in January 2017 order through FLO. The Anecdote: About two days after it had arrived, having read the instructions from cover to cover, the weather was clear enough to set the 200PDS side by side against the 76. I removed the dust cap from the 76 and then tried to do the same from the 200PDS, sitting proudly on the HEQ5. But there was a problem, I couldn't get the dust cap off the 200PDS. After some head scratching, manual re-reading, it then struck me. For two years, I hadn't been removing the dust cap from the 76......I didn't realise that the whole big black piece of plastic, the entire diameter of the telescope, popped out. I had spent two years, and countless hours in awe of photons entering that small removable cap that sat in the middle of the dust cap. How it had never occurred to me that the hole wasn't anywhere near the 3 inches is beyond me. My wife says she has a good idea how. But that's for another forum! Anyhow, having had the 200PDS for a couple of months, dust cap off, I have never been more amazed and enthused. Jupiter at opposition over the weekend was stunning. I’ve signed up to North Essex Astronomical Society and am looking forward to the first opportunity to get up there to talk to people in the know. So, does anyone else care to share so that we all may have a laugh at your expense and hopefully learn something along the way? PS: I have another thing that I have a gut feeling I'm doing really wrong when loading the OTA onto the mount, but that's for another time!
  13. Due to to a combination of a change of shift pattern at work&a shoulder opI had last year Im reluctantly putting up my imaging setup for sale.It comprises of the following: 1. Ioptron ZEQ25GT with custom made CWs and extendable shaft,custom made pier head adapter with materials to make a DIY pier 2. SW 200PDS with rotating ring and secondary dew heater 3. Optistar AR80S Dual Speed 4. Modified Canon 350D with charger and battery 5. Astronomic CLS CCD 2" filter 6. SW Coma Corrector 7. Astronomiser 10m cable(for camera control) 8. QHY 5-II camera with guide scope adapter 9. Hotech Laser Collimator 10. Phillips SPC900(not in original casing) 11.DIY dew heaters and control unit 12.Bahtinov masks for both scopes Comes in a flight case and a few other bits and pieces that you see in the photos.I've attached a photo of The Witches Broom which i took with this setup,photoshop not being of of my best skills £1300 ovno
  14. Decided to put cooling fans on my newtonians a 200pds and a 130pds ,used a 120mm on the 200 and a 80mm on the 130pds ,i used, Be Quite silent Wings2 fans they use rifle bearings and are so quite German made, i did the 200 first and was impressed with this make so ordered the same make for the 130 pds it comes with a lead with four wires but only needed neg ang pos so snipped other two out , made a disc from plastic and cut out around collimation screws on primary then used velcro to attach to OTA fitted a 2.1mm dc socket on to the disc then bought a usb lead to 2.1mm barrel though i may fit another 2.1mm socket on my power box and use 12v either way it works ,i used a dimmer on the 200pds but it doesnt need it and wouldn't use it again but its fitted now so will leave in place.
  15. I've ordered at sky-watcher 200pds. I see several threads about collimation of the 200pds in this forum. Is the collimation set properly from factory, or should I get a tool for doing this right away?
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