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Full Moon sketch


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Mik, your sketches are amazing and I suspect you are inspiring quite a few folk to attempt sketching (me included). One question - roughly how long does it take to do say the full moon and the crater (Plato?) that you recently posted? Also, have you just picked up the skills going along or do you have a background in such things?



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Dan the way i go about my sketching is in the following order firstly i observe the moon for about 30 mins at different magnifications just to get a feel for what i am looking at then i spend about 15mins getting the basic outline and shapes on paper then i spend about 15 mins filling in the shadows & highlights,and then i spend about another 15 mins lightly putting some detail in. after this i always take some simple pics with my digital camera through the eyepiece and spend some time tarting things up in front if the pc with the image on screen.

When i am happy with my final result i take a pic with my dslr in raw of the final sketch with no flash i setup on a tripod with a diffused spotlight and raw mode and do the final bit in photoshop cs2 when i get time i will do a start to finish thread in the tips and tutorials section oh yes i was good at art at school but thats all, most of my astro sketching skills are new to me with help from articles by Talitha (Carol) Peter Grego and last but not least Jeremy Perez, My main intrest at the moment is to sketch a subject and then digitize it so methods are still being learnt.

Thanks all for looking Mick.

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