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  1. I've just downloaded it and running on a modest Win7 laptop and experienced none of the issues people are talking about. I have also put it on a XP desktop system and no problems
  2. Hello, As time goes on I have been getting more and more interested in solar observing. With this in mind I am toying with treating myself to a PST but at £500 its not a purchase to take lightly. The only imagining devices I have at the moment are my 400D DSLR and a SPC9000 webcam. So I was wondering if anyone has any example pics take with this setup? I have had a quick look round the forum and although can find lots of PST examples they have all been taken with more expensive dedicated cameras. Thanks in advance Keith
  3. OK silly question, but wont looking at a compass yield the same results? I have one attached to my tripod is this not accurated?
  4. I too observed this object - my first thought was ISS but looking Stellarium there was no mention of this or any other satellite
  5. On my GOTO hanset (Nexstar) there is a sun tracking option but for safety reasons its disabled by default so needs to be enabled through one of the menus - sorry cant remember exactly which one but its there!
  6. Hello, I have just been given the above camera after a friend was having a clear out in preperation for a house move. If I can get it up and running (unable to locate drivers above 98 at the moment) will its CCD sensor be any better then the Logitech CMOS one I am using at the moment. Cheers
  7. Hello, I find that getting an object dead center in the FOV of the EP is a quite tricky and if not spot on it makes alignment near impossible. So I was looking at EPs such as this one from SW (2nd one down) Eyepieces and non WO Diagonals from Ian King Imaging Just wondering if anyone has used/has any and provide feedback and if they are worth the money. Or maybe there is a cheaper homemade version?? Cheers
  8. Try running in (no OpenGL2) mode, I have to use this mode to correct certain GFX problems with mine
  9. It must end somewhere, because else how can it always be expanding. Begs the question then whats its expanding into?
  10. My copy of S@N arrived today and in it was a application to join the BAA for 18 months for the price of 12. I assume quite alot of people here would already be signed up memebers but just wanting to know is it worth it for someone just starting out?
  11. Assuming we use our model of life as a benchmark for other civilisations, there are so many obstacles standing in the way its no surprise we haven’t heard anything.........yet!
  12. if its intelligent life then they know best not to bother
  13. keef_uk


    OUTSIDE IN | official site of the giant screen IMAX film
  14. Hello and welcome to SGL. Being from Derby myself I hope you have better skies then me!
  15. I lot of poeple on here have and rave about Dobs - are these only really suited for viewing? Or is it possible to track and engage in AP (long exposure) with them?
  16. Hello, I currently have a 102SLT which is great for viewing and taking the odd picture of local (in relative terms) objects. But now I want to get into AP and start getting decent DSO shots. So I am going to upgrade the scope with a decent HEQ mount and thing about the SW Synguider. I assume that I will require a guide scope - what else will I need ie how do I connect the synguider to it, and I assume the the mount will need to be motorised!
  17. d/l your vid and ran it through Resistax and came out with this
  18. I have a EQ-3 mount from an old scope but has no motor drive so guess its pretty worthless I've got my work cut out with the Lunar 100 project before I start to worry about DSOs. My problem is a tend to want to run before I can walk!!
  19. does this mean I wont really be able to shot any decent DSOs?
  20. you mean add more weight at the EP end?
  21. so its just taking a series of shots and overlapping then! there I was thinking i've found a software solution to modding my cam!!!
  22. Thanks John - being that I am not guiding what sort of length should the subs be?
  23. Can someone explain to me (in laymens terms) why we need to have guide scopes? Im sure there is a scientific reason to do with the rotation of the earth and movement through space!! At the risk of sounding consending - which I honstely am not - why arnt mounts made better equip to deal with this drift?
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