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  1. Very nice scope John, my fav is my ZS66 just because i use it the most But i must say i am very much looking forward to views of Jupiter with the Equinox 100 this winter. Mick.
  2. Stu thats a sweet little setup, i have the older semi apo zs66 as per avatar and they are great fun. Mick.
  3. Here is my little box of tricks see sig for contents
  4. mik


  5. Thanks Robin, 32mm i will never use it for what i do But i will be going in the other direction with a couple of BGO's
  6. My ZS66 is cooling ready for a few hours star hopping
  7. Thanks guys, The haze has been a problem here along with fog, but its just nice to be back out observing again and looking forward to some lunar sessions.
  8. Have to agree with you patomlin76 i always recommend small fracs, lifes to short to mess around with mirrors
  9. He He Paul its the 6mm i want the most giving me 150x is very usefull I have a 10mm on loan from a local friend and have done a few tests against my 8mm so far the NPL shows slight ghost image when used on Jupiter it is also slightly mushy towards the edge and it shows less contrast but it is a 10mm. This is a good eyepiece for the money but it is no way as good as TV Plossl so i guess the search continues "Looks like TV's again"
  10. Thanks guys they do look nice might go for a set if Steve has them
  11. Hi Guys, Well ive got the scope and the mount sorted see sig, now the eyepieces As you can see i have the TV 8mm plossl for 112.5x mag this will be nice for views of the moon and wide views of Jupiters moons etc but i am now looking for something in the 5mm area that will offer me a top mag of 180x and i am also looking at a general eyepiece in the 15-20mm range. i prefer a rubber eyecup fitted and also prefer 1.25 in size as i have quite an extensive filter set. I quite like the look of the Vixen NPL eyepieces in 6,10.20,30 as a set and what can go wrong with a 2-group 4-element Plossl design at these prices £135 for the set of 4 seems quite good. This will give me mags of 150x,90x,45x,30x plus the 112.5x offered by the TV8mm seems like a plan whats your thoughts.
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