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  1. Hi All I spoke to the shop owner in question last night on this subject. After a strong talking to he admitted he was wrong to be so undiplomatic towards the customer in question. He has asked me to apologise Unreservedly on his behalf to Brighton Belle. I think this thread has given the Proprietor some humility when it comes to smaller equipment and beginers in general. Clear skies Ed Sampson
  2. MrEd


    Nice John I use a similar set up myself. A Well defined nice colour disk. If you want an interesting shot grab the disk in mono and then do the same but with 10 sec subs with the DMK (100-200 frames). You will get an over exposed disk but also its moons. Colour the disk green and merge shots it will look great. NickH and i did a similar project last year. Good work Ed
  3. Stunning work Nick Did you use your own equipment down there or were you lucky enough to get up to any obserbatories? Ed
  4. Hi Michael Yes IO was visible in the mono chanels but its Very very hard here in the UK to Overlay everything when combining channels. So here is an IR shot attached of the event and you should see IO as a bright white dot . Many thanks for all your comments. Ed
  5. Hi every one. This image captured in very changeble seeing down here on the south coast. DMK and RGB filters used with about 1000 frames a channel. Oh and mybelt and braces ex Dob. Ed
  6. Nice work Michael. I too grabbed a hi res shot last night but its only for my arcives. love the colour to very natural,well done mate. Ed
  7. Bob Go to my site (listed in my sig) there is a sumary of a guide to webcam imaging. Also my gallery shows a typical solar system setup and connections. (webcam only i am afraid.) Ed
  8. Hi Bob I dont think your set up is at all ideal for what you have in mind. The minimum you should have for planetary imaging should be at least 100mm refractor with a high f ratio (f7 upwards) some barlows and critically some kind of webcam. If you wish to use your current set up then you should get a maginified image in your eyepice as seeing allows and hold the camera to the eypiece to take the shot. Your disc images however will be small and grainy. The webcam option is the way forward. Ed
  9. I used to sketch at the eyepiece and were never any good at it. Then when i heard about webcam technologies i took up solar system imaging. Now what ever i image lunar planetary wise i always submit to the relevant bodies to aid with studies in that field. I feel its a more rewarding task in astronomy. Mind you if i had Paul Abels talents i may have never taken up imaging. Ed
  10. Hi David Nice to hear from you too, i was putting my imaging efforts into the scientific community over the summer. Still around though Ed
  11. Hi Kieron I occasionally have had this problem. Pesonally i have put it down to atmosphere conditions on the night rather than a camera problem. I use a mono DMK 21 with RGB filters. ED
  12. Final Edit after some sleep.... Ed
  13. Hi All My first planet in ages. Captured in the wee hours of Saturday morning, In my back garden down on the south coast. DMK21 and LRGB combination. Ed Sampson
  14. Hi Dave,Peter and Brian I use my setup mainly for mono/RGB imaging of planets. I use an AE filter wheel (not the best but its ok) It has 5 slots and in them i have Astronomik Type2 LRGB and 742nm IR pass. I do not really have any advantage with parfocal performance. I have to shift the focuse slightly when going from L-R. The colours R+G are close and may not need refoucussing but i always have to alter focus for blue. I think that seeing and the atmosphere has alot to do with focus and no two nights behave the same. When it comes to jupiter and Mars my advice is get the frames as quicky as y
  15. well i put a post with my problems with Telescope planet. Needless to say since i asked for my money back in mid march they have not done a thing. All i got was excuse after excuse so i let my credit card company persue the claim. My advice steer well clear..... Ed Sampson
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