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Sky Safari - Telescope Observe configuration

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Hi All,

Recently I have been using SkySafari Plus on ios.  I have been experimenting with different telescope displays by adding equipment under observe.

When I set the scope display to use the scope and a lens for example , the scope view shows Saturn as a bright star and you cannot make out any detail unless you zoom in.

How accurate is sky safaris telescope  emulation is this what I can expect with the scope in question ?

Or am I misunderstanding the concept/feature Sky Safari is offering.


1) Scope being set 



2) Observing with the scope in question (Cannot make out any detail) also tired with A Barlow



3)After I zoom in 


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If you're using Sky Safari to try to choose between the different size dobs in your equipment list I don't think that is going to work. I think the equipment lists are used simply to draw the field of view circles, not to emulate what a telescope will show. The brightness of objects and the maximum magnitude of stars shown are just determined by your Sky Safari settings. After all, you can set rings from multiple scopes at the same time. In your first picture, Sky Safari is only showing the brightness of Saturn to help you find it in the sky, it isn't emulating what Saturn will look like. With any of those scopes an 11mm eyepiece will distinctly show Saturn as a planet and rings but it will be very small and you will want to view with a shorter focal length eyepiece if the conditions allow it (and if the conditions don't allow it maybe that isn't the night to view Saturn).

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I would agree. SkySafari is great at a whole range of things but visualising how planets look at lower powers in the eyepiece is not one of its strengths. Same as the moon, below a certain size they are just represented as a circle, whereas in the scope you would likely still see some detail.

The feature is excellent for showing the size of a range of DSOs and also for giving you a perspective on where the planetary moons are in relation to the field of view.

The scopes you have setup are all the same focal length, so SkySafari will show them as exactly the same, no difference in detail at all. 

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      Mounted upon: Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro; guided by: Synscan, Orion StarSeek WiFi or EQmac, Sky Safari 5 pro; stabilized with: Orion Starshoot Autoguider/PHD2
      Capturing with: Canon 1D-X, Canon 5D mk III; through: T-ring adapter on scope or EF 600mm f4L +1.4x(800mm)/2.0x (1200mm) ext.
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      Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.15
      EQMac version 2.0.0 beta 3
      PHD2 version 2.6.1
      Sky Safari Pro 4 for OSX version 4.4
      SynScan EQ computer: Version 03.28
      Macbook Pro: 2 x USB ports connected as follows 
      USB port 1: Orion StarShoot Autoguider (SSAG) with Orion supplied USB cable; 
      USB port 2: Direct connection to Skywatcher SynScan DB9 RS232 port on NEQ6 Pro with purchased Shoestring USB2EQ' cable 
      Orion SSAG auto guider connected to auto guider port on NEQ6 Pro.
      EQMac appears to connect to and operate the mount correctly.
      PHD2 reports a successful connection. Guiding was not tested as this was done during daylight.
      Sky Safari 4 Pro does not connect. 
      Note: I previously have tried to use Sky Safari Pro 4 on an iPad to the mount through an Orion StarSeek WiFi module connected to the mount’s SynScan hand controller. I was able to slew the mount using the soft buttons on the Sky Safari scope control display but the displayed position of the scope icon moved in the opposite direction. I disconnected the WiFi module and dispensed with the iPad method.
      I've attached a number of MBP  screenshots below referenced as follows:
      EQMac settings (connected successfully): Image 1 of 8 attached

      PHD2 (connected successfully): Image 2 of 8 attached

      Sky Safari (not connecting): Image 3 of 8 attached

      Choices for Scope Type are: Images 4 and 5 of 8 attached

      Choices for Mount Type are: Image 6 of 8 attached

      Choices for 'Connection' are: Image 7 of 8 attached

      The error that appears when connecting is: Image 8 of 8 attached

      Any assistance in choosing the correct settings for Sky Safari Pro for both the direct connection to the Macbook pro as well as some help with the iPad-to-Orion Starseek WiFi setup would be greatly appreciated.
      Apologies for the monster-sized screenshots

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