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  1. I wouldn't buy any new eyepieces to start with, but once you have a few sessions under your belt and want to add some more options BST Starguiders are my standard recommendation.
  2. Tring do free delivery, plus are the OP's local dealer so it should be relatively easy to pick the scope up or take it back in case of any issues. They also have a 150p Skyliner on display so you can see the size of it before buying (or at least they did the last time I was there). I got my dob there and recommend them as a good company to deal with. @Tippi If you do go down to the shop then once you pull onto the little trading estate turn left, drive all the way to the end where you should see some spaces marked for Tring Astro and then the showroom is up the stairs on the left. With regards to the scopes, even if the mount was included with the Explorer I would still choose the Skyliner. I think the dobsonian mount is better for visual anyway,
  3. Pentax 10mm XW (Second light)

    I use a Meade 2x TeleXtender with mine and after flocking the section between the two lens groups to get rid of reflections I don't think it degrades the image. The stack height isn't too bad either. The TeleXtender adds ~60mm but the shorter XW's are taller so it works out at ~40mm additional height. Besides, £50-£75 on a TeleXtender vs £300-£500 on a pair of shorter eyepieces is a considerable saving.
  4. Choosing my next eyepiece

    What other eyepieces do you already have? If you only have the stock 10/25mm I would be inclined to start with a 12-15mm eyepiece in an f6 scope. I've heard the Baader Hyperions don't work well at this focal ratio so within your budget I would to look at the BST Starguider, Explore Scientific 82° and Vixen SLV ranges. If you meant you were looking at the 10mm Baader Ortho then that is a good eyepiece, provided you can deal with the short eye relief.
  5. New EP delivered today!

    Perhaps to fit the m43 thread? The recess and thread height look pretty similar to me.
  6. Skywatcher ED150 ?

    BK15012 is the part number for the 150/1200mm Evostar so you can buy one from FLO for £529. The new scope will be something like BKED150 or BDED150
  7. celestron regal eyepiece

    It's an 8-24mm
  8. celestron regal eyepiece

    I've got one, but I haven't really used it at night as it seems to fog up pretty quickly. During daytime use it seems pretty good optically so I'm not surprised that it performed better than a Plossl.
  9. I wouldn't worry about either starter set. Better to buy the eyepieces you want rather than just get whatever comes in the set. As for quality you might find that both sets come from the same factory and the only difference is the branding.
  10. It's well worth trying to see if you get on with them I think. There's not really any rush though, given the current planetary positions from our latitudes.
  11. Yeah, it's probably the one thing that has put me off them so far. Most of the reviews are very positive with regards to the quality of the views. I still might end up getting some for binoviewing if further testing changes my mind on the suitability of XWs.
  12. I would suggest getting a Cheshire/sight tube to recollimate the scope. If the scope is one supplied without a primary centre spot you may also have to add one.
  13. Nice! Thanks for sharing this, I must have missed it the first time around.
  14. I would say no. You don't want to be barlowing an 8mm with your scope. To be honest I suspect the 8mm in itself will be right on the scope's limit for planetary views. Long term I would plan 8-12-18-25mm Starguiders, possibly swapping the 25mm for a 32mm Plossl or 24mm ES68/Maxvision/Meade SWA if one came up second hand. The other thing that might make a noticeable improvement would be to swap the supplied erecting prism for a decent star diagonal.