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Found 6 results

  1. OK, I get plate solving (maybe). Your camera takes an image through the scope or guide scope and sends it to an Internet resolver that returns a message identifying where you are pointed. If I have that more or less correct, then these questions remain: 1. What is the format of the return data? 2. If one wanted to view the return data, where does it "live?" Assume KStars/INDI/Ekos 3. This may seem a really basic question...but...What does it get me from an operational standpoint? For example, does it update the pointing mechanism in some way or is it merely a verification? 4. What would you answer to complete the following statement: "You should use plate solving if you intend......" or : "You should avoid plate solving unless....." There is an equal probability that I have the whole concept wrong. That is also OK, because I feel I am starting at the beginning with this particular concept and would rather be corrected now before I accumulate to much supposition on a flawed premise. So...no answers too basic!
  2. So I take photos using BYEOS with my Canon DSLR. I have a Altair Astro guide camera hooked up to PHD2 which is plugged into the HEQ5 mount to correct for guiding. I have read about plate solving and I was curious. Does plate solving ONLY gives you the ability to get into the same place as a previous night by giving your EQMOD the right data to allow for easier multiple night data stacking and is not for guiding or part of the guiding mechanism itself. Say I want to start trying this plate solving malarky. Would I: Setup my scope, Polar align, 3 star align, Plate solve using a photo from my DSLR and not my Guide cam? and then continue to use PHD with guide cam to guide? Any replies are much appreciated.
  3. Hey guys, I couldn't find an solid answer within the forums, so asking here... Has anyone successfully used Sky Safari 5 Pro to do plate solving/mount alignment? I have no problem connecting and controlling my mount (AVX) with Sky Safari on my Mac, but is there a way to do alignment in the program? So far, it looks like I'm forced to do the Nexstar 2 star alignment on the hand controller. If I try to click on Polaris for example (it won't let me actually click on or select the NCP), when I click "align to polaris", it just says it can't execute the command because the scope is "too far" from Polaris. Only way it'll do it is if I first do 2-star align on the hand controller. Thoughts? Thanks! - Josh
  4. Hi, I'm attempting astrophotography using a Star Adventurer mount (no goto) with a Sony camera (which doesn't play nicely with most astro software). So finding things in the sky is a bit of a problem for me! I've read that plate solving can be very fast on low-resolution images - I was thinking I could use a separate low rez camera and scope, and rely on plate solving to tell me where it's pointing. So - how about a webcam (or other low-rez imager) attached to my finderscope, with Astrotortilla (or PinPoint?) doing real-time plate solving? Does anyone have experience of using a similar setup, or know if it's even possible? Are there any particular webcams etc that might be suitable? Many thanks for any ideas. -Mat
  5. Setting up all the software on my win10 laptop and getting things to talk to one another is a nightmare. I'm starting a new thread, so I can post all the problems I am having, one at a time, so issues don't get confused. This will also hopefully help anyone coming to similar situations later, as the problems and answers will not be interlaced. First issue: APT does not detect ZWO camera. I have got the camera (ZWO) drivers installed and sharpcap can see it and will connect to it properly. However, when I try to connect the camera in APT, the only CCD options it gives me are SBIG (which it isn't), QSI (which it isn't) and ASCOM. Now it shouldn't need to use an ascom driver, because the proper driver is installed, but I give it a go anyway, and this just offers me 2 simulators and 3 QHY cameras (I have one qhy driver installed for the guidecam .... I'll get to that later!). I have disconnected both the filterwheel and guide camera from the camera hub, so they cannot be interefering with the process. I am at a total loss ... any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Just came across this thread on the ICEINSPACE forum. May be of Interest? http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=151933
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