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  1. Uh oh, that's not good. The weather isn't cooperating here in the northeast U.S., so it's probably gonna be a couple weeks before I can really test it out. :-/
  2. Ok, I figured out how to get DeepSkyStacker working properly again with High Sierra and figured I'd post in case anyone else has a problem. You need to download the newest beta version of Wine (2.22), as well as its installer, and Wine Developer. I also had to download XQuartz 2.7.11 in order for one of these to run properly, although I don't remember which one. I'd post links, but we all know have of the URLs will likely be changed within months. So here's a snap shot of the files I needed.
  3. Haven't had a chance to actual run a polar alignment with my polemaster since the update, but just checked now and the program opens fine. Seems to be ok.
  4. Just an update for you guys... I did finally do the high sierra update and... DeepSkyStacker (run with Wine because it's on a Mac) can't seem to turn out a proper stack. Dammit! I even tried the newer 3.3.4 update, which at least allowed it to import the raw pictures properly. Good news is PHD2 still seams to work fine.
  5. Hey guys, I couldn't find an solid answer within the forums, so asking here... Has anyone successfully used Sky Safari 5 Pro to do plate solving/mount alignment? I have no problem connecting and controlling my mount (AVX) with Sky Safari on my Mac, but is there a way to do alignment in the program? So far, it looks like I'm forced to do the Nexstar 2 star alignment on the hand controller. If I try to click on Polaris for example (it won't let me actually click on or select the NCP), when I click "align to polaris", it just says it can't execute the command because the scope is "too far" from Polaris. Only way it'll do it is if I first do 2-star align on the hand controller. Thoughts? Thanks! - Josh
  6. Yeah, my plan is to get a dedicated pc laptop just for AP, but until then... ;-)
  7. Has anyone upgraded on Mac to "High Sierra" (OS 10.13) and had any issues with PHD2 or using Wine to run DSS, or any camera control software? I'm getting the notifications for the upgrade, but I'm worried some of my AP software (currently running on 10.12) won't work right before a big trip to a dark sky site in 2 weeks.
  8. Really great to have these suggestions, thanks everyone! If I accomplish one of these ideas, I'll post pics. Thanks again!
  9. Forgot to mention... I did manage to tighten up some of the slop with those tiny adjustments built into the body of the focuser. But I still feel like I can get it cleaner and the focuser tube more evenly seated within the tube housing.
  10. Thanks for chiming in guys. The plan of course is to eventually get a moonlite focuser, but for the next several months I need to work with my current focuser. Just spent a pretty penny on coma corrector, lp filter, and a modded camera! So the scope is a Celestron C8N purchased this year, stock focuser, which I guess is r&p. Quite a bit of slop when changing focus direction. So I basically just wrap a layer or two (or five) of the tape around the focuser tube? Any particular part of it, like closer to the bottom when extended, or closer to the threading that the adapters attach to? Or evenly throughout?
  11. Hey all, doesn't anyone have a link to something that shows how to fix focuser slop/play using ptfe tape? Specifically something that includes pictures or diagrams? I see people here on SGL mention using this method to help, but no one actually explains how it's done. Thanks! - Josh
  12. Great info, thanks for the response Adam! So before I get modded ($350+), nothing I can really do filter-wise to help with light pollution at the moment?
  13. Hey all, I wanted to get some opinions. I'm looking into 2" filters to attach to a Baader MPCC and can't figure out if I should go with UHC, HA (and whether 7nm, 12nm, or something else), or some other form of light pollution filter. Here's the setup... Celestron 8" Newt (hence needing to attach it to the MPCC, which then goes straight into an adapter that I bought that fits the 2" input so I can still get focus). UNmodded Nikon D3100 Aiming for brighter galaxies and nebulae in light polluted skies (I live in NYC but drive out anywhere from 45min to 2.5 hours away. Still polluted of course). Hoping to keep it under $200, so that would rule out some of the Astronomik HA filters. Just generally want to combat light pollution from cities as well as be able to shoot on moonlit nights. And I'd love to get more detail contrast like we all see in HA exposures. I've also read conflicting reports that HA filters are less useful or outright useless on unmodded DLSRs, but there's no consensus. Thoughts? Thanks in advance! - Josh
  14. Hey all, finally got some guiding going last night, but at the bottom right of PHD2, the word "CAL" is yellow (as opposed to green) and says "Calibration: Completed, but scope pointing info not available/not in-use" Does this mean PHD2/SSAG isn't sending data to the mount, or the mount isn't accepting the pushes? It's an AVX mount, and my PHD2 graph isn't great, but RA and Dec stay within about 3" either way. But I can't tell if guiding is doing anything to the mount, or if my images are turning out ok simply because of decent polar alignment and just tracking. Any ideas what the above text means? - Josh
  15. I wanted to get some opinions... Let's say you get a really good polar alignment with a polar scope, and you know the polar scope is calibrated very well to the mount. Would you still also do all-star polar alignment (for Celestron users)? That was my situation last week. I knew I was polar aligned and had Polaris staying perfectly along the circular line surrounding the NCP in the reticle as I rotated the RA, so I didn't want to change it by doing all-star. Thoughts? Thanks! - Josh
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