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June 6 LS60THa / ASI224MC

Tyson M

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EDIT-  I screwed up the date in the title, this was Saturday June 3rd  whoops


After a crazy few months with life events, I finally jumped back on the horse.  


Finally figured out how to image with this  224MC camera and actually see surface features.


You have to go into RGB channels in fire capture and turn down the red channel to 0 in order to see the disk otherwise you're imaging blind.


 I received my ASI120MM 3.0 today so I will be using that for now on.


AR2661 put on quite the show, I had to cloud dodge to get anything in. I cant decide which inverts I like better, so I decided to share the ones I think turned out best, all of the final runners up are on my flickr.

Firecapture, AS!3, ImPPG

Cheers from Canada.



















Thanks for looking and clear skies!!

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Nice images! I note that the settings for some of these Cams
can be a bit WEIRD for solar stuff? I sense Mono is easier! :p

On the other hand, some quite intriguing thoughts here:
You can colour image H-A on the LEAKAGE into green/blue 
pixels! At higher resolution than one might have thought? ;) 

I only mention because my ASI120MC (color) seemed less
prone to Newton's Rings? But don't *trust* me on that... :D

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